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  • well i have to say the diabetic side of me says that if you sit down for a couple of days and think about what you eat ,when and why and then plan how you will eat in future it can be done ,, i would steer away from fad diets and try to understand what your body needs. it is not easy if you have kids but also look at what they eat and if you are snacking because they do try to explain why you gained the wieght, why you wish to lose it and how they can help same applies to partners explain why and solicit their help. dont get this wrong but if you have a reluctant partner explain the benfits to them your higher energy levels and better self confidence
    could reap rewards for your partner..
    it is i believe about planning dan go for it girl,, for you and the kids..

    just read that back and it looks a bit soap boxy
    good luck dan ¡¡¡¡

    hey we could also start a support club on here.