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    • I believe that the decision taken on the part of the FIA it was based on the PRINCIPELS of which nobody and nothing can influence in its decisions, since being thus anyone could to be the next victim of a private scandal to be discredited of its position. Question of principles and excellent decision!

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      • Hello Vasilakis,

        While I may disagree with the vote decision, you do make an excellent point that if Mosley had been voted out of office it could be perceived as a precedent and lead to similar incidents in the future.

        I believe MM's ordeal, along w/ other public figures that have been shown the door following similar scandals merely serve to reinforce that when you are a public figure you have no privacy and any indiscretions will be used and exploited by enemies. Being in such a position means that you have to watch every word and action that you commit in public...

        I recommend a passage for an incredibly wise Spanish sage, Baltasar Gracien (1601-1658) in his The Art of Worldly Wisdom:

        "Always behave as though others were watching. A man who looks after his actions sees that others see him, or well. He knows that walls have ears, and wht is badly done is bursting to become known. Even when he is alone he behaves as though all the world were watching, and knows that all will be revealed. He behaves as though he already has witnesses: those who, when they hear something, will be so later. The person who wanted everyone to see him didn't care when people searched his house while sitting in their own."

        However, in the interest of fairness... may I suggest a $100 million dollar fine for MM bringing the sport into disrepute. After all, McLaren was fined for bringing the sport into disrepute and country leaders and major corporations still associate with them. Almost none of those same people want to be seen around MM, thereby leading to the conclusion that MM's actions were far more disreputable for the sport than the Stepneygate scandal.

        ...It would only be fair...

        Good post, Vasilakis. We may disagree on this one (MM should have known better than to do something like this outside of his home), but you make an excellent point! Well stated!


    • I believe that the decision taken on the part of the FIA it was based on the PRINCIPELS of which nobody and nothing can influence in its decisions, since being thus anyone could to be the next victim of a private scandal to be discredited of its position. Question of principles and excellent decision!

    • Maybe a 72 hour orgy with 5 "ladies" of a certain persuation without sleep or viagra?

    • I think the quote from the Dutch motoring association sums it up:

      Guido van Woerkom, president of the Royal Dutch Touring club: "There is a lot of money going around, and if you get a small piece of that bread it can be very nice to eat. There were many people who didn't want to speak to him before. I can't think they will want to speak to him now as a result of what has happened. Nothing has changed in that respect. Just because he gets a few clubs from Africa voting for him will not make the King of Spain want to shake his hand."

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      • there is a very simple way to get rid of max

        do not tune in until 5 mins before race time on sunday,

        and switch of before the presentations,

        i do not know how long it will take to confirm the viewing figures but as soon as this action was confirmed to the sponsors and advertisers his desk would be clear in 24 hours,,
        the other way is switch of for 3 minutes every time your local broadcaster goes to an advert break, if the tv companies will not confirm that this happened the electricity companies will,,
        same result

    • I'm wondering if we might see him had his notice in soon.... Leaving on his own terms rather than being pushed but its going to be interesting to watch and see how many big people leave....

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      • We live in hope, Dan, but I think Max has to stick with it now or it will look like Bernie won. It's like two kids that smash up their toys rather than let the other one play with them.

        It's a terrible thing for the sport. Instead of this being the end of the issue we now have Bernie fighting Max for power, and motoring clubs leaving and trying to set up a new association.

        It's very possible that teams who weren't financially sound will end up folding. I'm beginning to think that Renault will now confirm the rumours and give up. When they lose Alonso they will have big problems anyway.

        The sport itself seems to be totally secondary.
        What a shame because from a point of view of competitiveness F1 is currently better than it has been for years.

    • is Max Mosley a cat? I swear the guy has more lives then a ordinary person.Amazing just so freaking AMAZING!!

    • There was a interview with jackie played this morning.In it he said that max would win because he has filled various posts with the fia umbrella with his 'friends'.And after a discussion at work, the overall conclusion that it was a bit like the eurovision song contest, all the little motorsport federations voting for the big man , while the major players sat by getting nil point, and judging by americas reaction they are seriously peed off.

    • All I have to say is............. How much money did Teflon Man spend to buy that result? If it had been one of us mere mortals, we woud have been out on our ear long before now. The FIA had low credibility before, now it has gone lower than a snakes belly. For me, the result stinks, and unfortunately, this will not be the end of it. This sorry saga will run and run for the rest of this season.

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      • Personally, I already knew F1 to be a circus, especially after last year's stories, as well as controversial challenges during the Schumi era.
        To me, this is the last straw. People are accountable for the things they do in their private life as soon as they become public figures. We don't care what they do until a certain line has been crossed. And I can't stand watching a sport that's managed by these clowns.
        It's too bad for racing in general. I'll go and stick to WRC from now on, sorry beautiful people, but this racing federation here (F1) does not shine to say the least...we are very far from the Piquet/Lauda/Mansell/Senna/Prost days of glory. It will eventually come back when this is taken over by people that have their heart wholly into the sport. A driver like Prost or Bergher for next president would give this thing a good cleanup, IMO. Until then, count me out on GP sundays...I'll have better to do.

    • Ecclestone being absent from his Ivory Tower was a sign that Mosley was going to stay, imo.
      As PG says.....
      It will be interesting to see the power struggle that will start any day soon, and, to see what Mosley brings out of the cupboard in way of retaliation regarding The Poison Dwarfs sex life.
      Maybe the front pages will depict Ecclestone as having had an affair with a gangsters moll, years ago, and has a secret love child walking around.

      Well theirs a thought. ;-)

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