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  • paddockbend paddockbend Jun 8, 2008 05:14 Flag

    Calling Marshal Bob

    Oh dear, oh dear. I think you need to have a word with your colleagues in Montreal!


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    • Very good Pdokk!! i love it! my heros today was Kubicza!!! :-))) good bless him! fantantic job done!
      Heidfeld very good too, and DC execellent!!

      Congratulations to the BMW!!!


    • First of all it wasn't the best marshalling I have seen, but I have been in a similar situation ie trying to get a car safe that has limited steering lock and trying not to put the car on to the circuit creating even more danger whilst trying to move it.

      Single seaters have a very limited steering lock which makes them difficult to move behind the barriers in a situation like that. Personally I would have moved the car closer to barrier and left it. But race control probably wanted it to be behind the barrier and so caused the marshal to act in the way they did. You also have to remember that cars were still going past at full speed (as we know race drivers don't slow down for yellows as they should) and three marshals (two on live TV last week) have been injured here in the UK in the past month one seriously. The marshals in Canada probably didn't want to add to the statistic.

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      • Bob - this was your big chance to heap praise on British marshals being the best in the world. Certainly in terms of the number of circuits and meetings it has to be said that you guys are probably the most experienced and deserve all the praise you can get.

        Maybe Max could regain some credibility by coming down hard on all drivers who regard yellow flags as a nuisance rather than a warning that people's lives are in danger.

        Anyway - paddock gave us all a good laugh which is what it was really all about.

    • Not a safety car in sight, this has got to be a wind-up, can't possibly be Canada.

      I know, it's Kwik-Fit's new advert....... save fuel, get a few big, meaty guys to do a 17 point turn on your car; 14 more than usual but think of all the petrol you can save :-)

    • Paddock - when I watched that as it was happening, seeing the marshall's brain doing a "which way does the car go if I move the steering wheel to the left and push it backwards?" I was thinking of posting a message to Bob too.

      The best bit is where Massa tries to explain the laws of physics before they wreck a few million quid's worth of car and then gives up.

      I wish I could lip read because the bear in the Ferrari garage (I'm sure you know his name) made a comment which looked quite interesting as he watched the monitor.

    • Wonderful pb! Random thoughts .... It's deeply comforting to know that there's incompetence out there that exceeds even the breathtaking heights of which I am capable! ..... It's a Monty Python sketch? ..... Can unpaid Marshalls be fired? ..... Applicants for Marshall posts are accepted only from directionally-challenged non-drivers ..... Bernie's latest ploy to increase the excitement! .... And lastly, my admiration for the static fire marshall knows no bounds - definitely John Cleese!

    • brilliant P.B.. i guess that if carlsberg made race marshals this lot would be first against the wall come the first day of production