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  • I do not care if a top F1 driver crashed at pit exit durning a RED LIGHT, there should be a suspension. It also seems odd, that he could not stop considering the great brake on a F1car. (excessivepit lane speed?) Was the red Ferrari the target, since the car did the fastest race lap and had a chance too take points lead?

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    • I`d rather see the championships decided by racing than "exciting" #$%$ ups, Adam.
      Too often the sport takes 2nd place to the spectacle. :(

    • the pit lane is part of the race course as far as i am aware hence it comes under race regulations..

    • yes he did that but it was not in the pit lane it was in the race and his car was set for dry weather and if I not wrong right after the race he came out and said he was sorry unlike L.H. it took a day for him to say that!!! Shame on him!!!

    • Kindly see the replays, Kimi was released by his lolipop man almost at the same time as RK was coming and they were side by side in the pitlane until the end where they stopped due to the flashing red light.

    • But this isn't a road, this is the pit lane, not the pit lanes.

      They aren't supposed to be side by side - that's against the rules. They introduced this rule to prevent drivers from racing each other in the pit laneand making life even more dangerous for the mechanics.

      I think Kimi should have given way on exiting his garage.

    • to me I see two lanes Kimi in one and robert in one lewis turn his wheel into kimi lane! that it! he looking right at the light I have it on my dvr and pause right at the point he look at the light!! If I was ron I take L.H. to Driving school again!!! RED MEAN STOP!!!!GREEN GO!!!!!!

    • Raikkonen should be receiving a 10 grid penalty drop in France for contravening the pit lane rules.

      (and an extra 10 spots drop for being a donkey) ;-)

      The ruling states that any cars in the pitlane should, if needs arise, line up in single file behind the car that reached the pit lane exit line first.
      Raikkonen arrived second, so, imo, should not have been double 'parked'.

      Attempting to stop an f1 car on new tyres, at the speed it was going, is, by all accounts, like trying to stop hot cheese wire slicing through butter.

      Not excusing Hamiltons error, as he should be aware of the regulations (either by his own knowledge, or that of via communication from the Macca crew).

    • This was an accident waiting to happen, on many occasions drivers flying out of there pits side by side jostling for positions is something marshalls hould have looked at a long time ago. like the spped limiter in the pit lane. And what ws that all about safety car on every minor incident spoiling the races the races of today are so sanitised its ridiculous. Flags of all colours waved for divers to assist them in passing mending of the tracks with cement so they dont disentegrate or spin so what if they do. let them race thats what they are paid zillions of pounds for and why we watch. Finally Lewis thats what you get for making fun of your dad crashing at 30mph wonder what speed you wer doing when you crashed. hahaha..

    • With so many threads all dealing with the same subject and so much irate rambling going on, maybe we should get back to the facts.

      None of us is happy with the safety car pit closing rule and there was at least one other incident in the race which warranted a safety car outing - or else neither incident warranted one.
      It is however time to make some sensible rules about safety car sessions. The rules at the moment are simply stupid. But all the drivers know the curent rules and both LH and NR made a stupid mistake.

      Neither of them can complain over the penalty - if they hadn't crashed into other cars they would have run the red light and got the penalty anyway.

      Anyone who thinks that LH took KR and himself out of the race on purpose truly needs their head examined and has obviously never been in an emergency braking situation themselves.

      LH and NR are the first to know how stupid and amateurish they were. We don't need to tell them.

      IMO LH's comments to the TV stations along the lines of "I didn't do anything wrong" were probably what any one of us would have said if we knew that the stewards were sitting down and thinking about a penalty. Any decent lawyer will tell you to admit to nothing after an accident.

      KR was unbelievably cool about the whole thing, which is very unusual in motor racing. But then KR is a very unusual bloke and is not nicknamed the Iceman for nothing.

      Everyone has apologized and the penalties have been handed out so let's forget it and hope we get another exciting race next time. Just for a change it wasn't down to the FIA making a race exciting by manipulation and that is good for the sport.

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      • I agree totally. I find it worrying and a bit scary how delusional apparently rational and intelligent human beings can be when their judgement is clouded so completely by the hatred of some kid they've never met that reality itself appears to warp and take on whole new meanings. It's certainly a chilling reminder of how ethnic civil wars start, when hatred based on very little leads to complete disregard of reason and lucidity - sounds like exaggeration, but it's all part and parcel: a kangaroo court decides someone having an honest, if sloppy, accident is actually making some deliberately aggressive move, despite common sense and logic dictating otherwise, purely because they're consumed by hatred to the point of near-hysteria.

        Hamilton did a silly thing - but until we've sat in the cockpit of a Formula 1 car during the intensity of race conditions, we don't really have cause to say much. It's just a sporting event, and this level of naked hatred is just plain unhealthy.

    • I suspect - though we will never really know - that there was more room on the inside of KR than on the outside of RK.

      Mind you, if KR had been behind RK as he should have been, there would have been plenty of room for LH to park his vehicle either side in this kind of emergency - whatever the cause.

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