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  • mouse mouse Jun 9, 2008 20:30 Flag

    10 places on the grid

    YEAH BOB, just because you know what your talking about and have done many things around a race track that many of us will never do, (like read the feckin rule book),, does not mean that you can afford not to get on the bias bus this time, by the way bob after over 30 years of following this sport i honestly didnt know there was a feckin flashing blue light so why should i even listen to you just coz you happened to notice it,,
    and anyway in every country in the world you stop for a flashing blue light unless you have done something wrong so, there proof that hamilton done it on purpose,and for all the people who say he should have been listening to his crew screaming at him to stop i believe that in canada its not allowed to be on the phone while driving so how would he hear them ,, so there i go back to my original point that he (tongue in cheek) should have been taken out the back and given a good kicking ,,, so there