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  • GRAHAM J GRAHAM J Jun 14, 2008 06:07 Flag

    Honda test?

    Danika will test an F1 car for Honda at the end of the season....

    Any bets that we will again see a lady in the cockpit of an F1 car within the next 2 seasons?

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    • & now seriously worried that you`ve got the right person......... but thanks :o)

    • PD you have nothing to apologize for, you are whole, perfect and complete. lol

    • &, if I didn`t make myself clear first time around - I apologise, too.

    • PD; Got that. It was not my intent to comment that she was a freak and did not belong. On the contrary I think I said, atleast I meant to say, that if the IRL did not have Danica they would not be as well off as they are right now.

      Let's change gears here for a second. On this board there are KR fans and FA fans, some very opinionated, but basically the attacks fall on personality issues and driving. Since both are WC's they must have done something right to have accomplished that level.

      Now substitute LH for FA and there the road begins to split. While the majority of the members on this board are very pro KR or pro LH it is mostly for the same reasons stated above. But then there are a group of individuals who hate LH because he is black or some LH fans say the only reason you don't like LH is because he is black.

      Agree or disagree, that is part of life. They look at LH first as a black man and second as a race car driver. The majority of us look at LH as a race car driver first, who also happens to be black second.

      The same is true for Danica or anyother female. I think she has accomplished things that no man could have accomplished, at least in the time she has done it. That in no way depicts her as a freak.

      My personal opinion is she, thus far in her short career, has made contributions far greater then her stature as a race car driver.

      Does she get cut some slack or take more rake because she is a women? You bet, but she chose this sport, it didn't choose her. And the response is not then she shouldn't be doing it, it's that despite the #$%$, she has persevered and has been a role model for both men and women.

      No I am still not a Danica fan, but I believe that when someone does well, then they deserve recognition for what they did well.

      Anyway, that is all I meant, if I didn't articulate myself on the point well I apologize.

    • That read like I hadn`t read that you weren`t a big fan.
      It was meant to read that, if you`re not a big fan, she must have some very dedicated ones.

      The one thing that makes me really uncomfortable with your point is that, as a woman, I wouldn`t want to be in a sport (or job) as a sort of freak show purely because I`m female. (Freak show not meant in an insulting way BTW).
      That`s what I meant about getting somewhere on merit - regardless of sex.
      For me positive discrimination is just another form of discrimination & I don`t like it.

    • :o)))))
      Well, she obviously has some very dedicated & loyal fans if you are anything to go by, SA.

    • PD; I am not a big Danica Fan, far from it, however the things that she has brought to the table, by design or good timing, do deserve more than just another driver.

      JPM never did for F1, IRL or NASCAR to date what Danica has been able to accomplish. More females attend racing where she is involved, sponsors spend more $ in activation, or should I say allocate a larger portion of their ad budget toward Danica campaigns, and generally has the highest Q rating of the sport.

      So I would say from that she merits a trip to the moon if she wants.

    • You`d know that where I wouldn`t because I don`t follow the US racing.

      However, knowing F1 a little, she could easily get a test just because she IS female which is equally as bad. :(

      It should all be on merit but, as you say, this is not an ideal world :(

    • PD, In a perfect world your absolutely spot on. Unfortunately, it's not perfect and her getting a shot has everything to do with Danica being a female.

    • One thing is certain, SA.

      F1 is completely different to other series & success in one series doesn`t necessarily mean success in F1.

      There have been many examples of good drivers in the minor FIA or from the US series who become little fish in the big pond of F1.

      Bourdais, for example. Champion in the US & finding F1 less than a walkover.

      If an F1 team thinks Danica deserves a chance on merit (& not just for the PR value) then, ultimately, it will be down to her to prove she deserves an F1 seat. The fact that she`s a woman should have nothing to do with that basic decision.

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