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  • mouse mouse Jun 14, 2008 16:27 Flag

    Honda test?

    alex i like your thinking,

    but to date they have proven not to be able to hold there own,,

    to my mind there is bags of money out there if there was a lady driver good enough she would be in the cockpit,,
    personally i cant wait to see a pink car covered in lorreal (coz your damn well worth it and dont let him tell you different) shiela`s wheels (sexist, try getting that ad out in a mans world) and most important its #$%$ end covered in tenna lady (i have no idea how to spell it because while im man enough to shop for tampons that is one isle im not going down)
    no, in this cash rich world i suspect that if she was good enough $$$$ they would have her in a car faster than you can say ,, anything for the weekend sir..