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  • Inka D Inka D Jun 26, 2008 06:00 Flag

    Congratulations to Hans and all Germany!

    My dearest Hans :-)))…we did it again, didn’t we? Ha ha ha

    To be honest the Germans didn’t play that great in my opinion, they could have played much better…but they deserved to win. They stole a penalty from them and therefore justice was done.

    The Turkish played well but the Germans are more skilled.

    Who knows what happens tomorrow with Russia and Spain? Who do you prefer your team to play with in the finals Hans? ;-)

    Congratulations again to you and all the Germans on this board… may win tomorrow the best one!


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    • Hello my friends!

      Thank you all for your thoughts....

      Bravo Inka, mike and of course Spain!!

      They were absolutely the better team and the best team in this tournament! They deserved to win today.



    • Congratulations Inka, Mike & all in Spain :o)

      Commiserations Hans & Germany. Today was not to be your day :(
      Another time will come.

    • hans,,

      Lo siento mucho por usted mi amigo

      sorry for your loss but have a good night if you can,,




    • Inka :o)

      What has Luis Aragones got round his neck?????!!

    • NO PENALTY KICKS!!!!!!!!!!!

      Enjoy the game, tomorrow may be a sick day :-))

    • Hi Inka!

      Okay, the gloves are off, it's time for a fight :-)
      And I'm afraid that my Germany will be the losers :-(((

      That's okay though!! I'm happy that they made it to the finals!

      Good luck (you'll be okay in your RED)...shake hands, a hug and a kiss and may the best team come out on top....NO PENALTY KICKS!!!!!!!!

      Have fun tonight....


    • Hi Hans,

      I have lived in the States 13 years until my father remarried (my mother past away many years back), a German lady that lived in Málaga/ Spain. :-)))

      My older brother followed my father’s example and married another German lady from Frankfurt. Ha ha ha

      I personally did just the opposite…I divorced my German husband before I came to Spain :o) LOL

      Your right about the distances in the States Hans. When I lived in the States I needed to drive 20 minutes in order to get the most basic stuff, like milk, bread, fuel ect..

      By the way…I’m going to watch the match tonight with some Germans friends in Fuengirola. Ha ha ha
      My stepmother wants to come with me since she doesn’t wants to watch it with my father… She says that she needs some Germans around tonight :o)

      So I’m going to be the only one dressed up in red tonight at this place… I’m afraid. LOL

      Hope everything goes well tonight and the Euro cup Champ is not decided trough penalties!

      Viel Glück Hans!

    • Hola Inka,

      No, have never lived in Europe. My parents moved from Germany to Canada where I was born. From Canada we moved to California and have been there ever since. I would love to live in Europe. What excites me about that is the opportunity to the traveling that can be done and the people that one can meet. As it stands right now I think that I can say with confidence that I have made some friends from here that I would enjoy visiting very much. And, being in Europe it's much easier to go and visit friends than here in the states.

      I have to say that your English is very very good as well as your German!! So, how long were you in the states before you made your move? If you don't mind me asking.

      Going out for a late lunch with my dad...will "talk" to you soon again.

      Have a good evening!!

    • oh no penalties, please!

      Nothing to do with recent matches. It doesn`t matter which country is involved, I`ve always felt so sorry for the penalty taker who misses or the goalie who lets one in :(

    • You`re right, Inka. Whoever sorts out the times/days for these big games is obviously not a party animal. ;-)

      Well, we (England) have an Italian in charge now, too.
      Let`s hope he can turn our fortunes around & maybe next time we can get in on the act :o)

      Whoever wins both sides have done extremely well to be finalists.
      I just hope it doesn`t go to penalties. I always hate to see a game decided that way - let alone a Championship.

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