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  • mouse mouse Jun 26, 2008 06:26 Flag

    Congratulations to Hans and all Germany!

    yes congratulations hans but when spain beat russia tomorrow our thoughts must unfortunately turn to making sure that this was your last win of the tournament , have a great night hans,,

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    • Hello mike....

      I'm sorry that you feel way...I believe that the conclusion of Sunday's final is a foregone conclusion....I have no fricking clue as to who will win! If Germany wins it then they will have deserved it, If either Spain or Russia wins it, then they will have deserved it as well.

      Germany was favored to win it all and they are on the path of doing just that. It doesn't mean that they played the best soccer of the tournament, they were just the luckiest.

      I've enjoyed the tournament and I've enjoyed watching some of the other countries teams that you don't get to watch very often, it has definitely been fun and have for a brief time given some of us something else to talk about :-))

      I wish everyone well. Will "talk" after the game.

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      • guten morgen hans,,

        give my regards to san diego as your passing that way and say hello to torrence on your way back,,

        and now because im a nice bloke who does not want your father upset can we share the trophy,,

        as to your comment to inka about not getting to see you team win the big finals often ,well you should try being english !! lol ,

        good luck, happy travelling, enjoy your family weekend ,

        auf wiedershen