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  • mouse mouse Jun 26, 2008 15:27 Flag

    Congratulations to Hans and all Germany!

    guten morgen hans,,

    give my regards to san diego as your passing that way and say hello to torrence on your way back,,

    and now because im a nice bloke who does not want your father upset can we share the trophy,,

    as to your comment to inka about not getting to see you team win the big finals often ,well you should try being english !! lol ,

    good luck, happy travelling, enjoy your family weekend ,

    auf wiedershen

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    • Danke schon Mike,

      LOL...that's for your comment about England! I would never give you a hard time about your team unless we were sitting down together over a beer or two or three and watching a match between England and Germany. That's when the gloves come off my friend!

      Do you have family or friends in San Diego and Torrance? I have an Aunt and Uncle near San Diego (Vista). I love the area down there and the weather is great year round.

      Of course the trophy can be shared...you may have to ask Inka if Spain wins today and then wins the cup on Sunday. I'm sure she would be happy to share as well

      My dad is old world and doesn't have a computer. I'll see if I can use the neighbors to keep up. If not, enjoy the match and we'll "talk" soon.

      Take care all...

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      • hans , at the moment it is 2 - 0 ,and russia look lost,,

        i lived in torrance for 18 months and a freinds cousin lives in san diego, while i love living in spain i had the opportunity to stay in the usa 25 years ago and stupidly chose to come back at the time to the uk,,

        love san diego first place i saw a dolphin swimming wild , any way back the footie for me ,,

        hasta domingo hans ,, viva españia