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    Does nationalism have a place in modern F1?

    Before we start, this thread isn`t designed to open up a free-for-all slagging match to air insults about any team/driver/nationality.
    I`m hoping that it can be discussed without abuse. In fact, if we can get away without mentioning names, team colours etc. at all it might be for the best. ;-)

    I can`t think of any team in today`s F1 which isn`t made up of many nationalities. Drivers, teams, management, constructors, partners come from all around the world.

    The success of any driver or team depends upon all the individuals & companies involved &, therefore, to me nationalism has absolutely no relevance at all.

    Whilst A1GP, the World Cup of Motorsport, has national teams & national support at its` very core, F1 doesn`t & would be a better place without it.

    Your opinions please?

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    • Don;t you feel that more people support the driver than the team? Through nearly fifty years of watching motor racing I have been a fan of many drivers of all nationalities,choosing them for their skills.However as a Brit I have always cheered the 'local boys' on and been delighted to see them do well.

    • I am a McL fan myself; but is the car English, German or New Zealand? Silly question really, it is of course all of those and a lot more.

      It would be nice to see more teams with the clean paint job of the "red" car. In the days before the adverts and money took over it must have made it a little easier to follow the green, red or blue cars.

      But hey look what happended to Honda when they lost the adverts, no simple clean white car; they got a moving eye test of a colour scheme. Perhaps that is why they are slower than they should be (giving us time to focus?).

    • First off, I think that the question here that started off the thread was a good one! It got people to thinking and it started a fairly good banter among everyone.

      What I have a problem with is the fact that paddock was called an IDIOT. I take particular offense to that since this is one person that I have seen on almost every thread since I've gotten involved on this board and that's going on it's second season. I've been into F1 for quite a few years but only recently got involved on some of the boards.

      We've got a person that has asked and answered almost 2500 postings and here we have someone who's got 11 postings going after paddock.

      Where did the hostility and shouting come from?

      paddock started this post off with:
      "Before we start, this thread isn`t designed to open up a free-for-all slagging match to air insults about any team/driver/nationality. I`m hoping that it can be discussed without abuse. In fact, if we can get away without mentioning names, team colours etc. at all it might be for the best. ;-)

      What about "this thread isn`t designed to open up a free-for-all slagging match" did you not understand? I don't know if you noticed the simple fact that paddock didn't take the opportunity to attack you afterwards. It shows the class of someone who has been involved in so many postings on this site.

      Perhaps you could learn something from this!

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      • Well said, Hans.

        However, the "person" (I use the term in the broadest sense of the word) who called Paddock an idiot is one of those dingbats who come in, rant, and then disappear again, and so nobody takes them seriously.

        I think most of us have been called far worse here - it's just the downside of freedom of speech. This is one of the most intelligent and well behaved boards I have ever found on the net, and as a rule we can have some heated arguments without resorting to name calling and CAPITAL LETRS SPELT RONG !!!!.


    • LOL....

      I thought it was great. I spent a bit of time trying to come up with something....I just got off of my week of depression, despair, drinking and drugs because of last Sunday's outcome ROTFLMAO :-))); I was still in a bit of fog....

    • hi!
      >>Does nationalism have a place in modern F1?>>
      Why You don't ask Does nationalism have a place in modern football? Cause In many National Football Teams there are also nowadays players from other countries who were naturalized, also very often coaches are from the other countries... Strange question! In F1 everybody supports who he wants from reasons which he wants! Some people will support a driver cause He is from their country, other people will support the team cause the team is from their country, and the rest will support driver cause he is very good and they like him! Many people and different reasons for supporting and notning wrong in supporting somebody because of his nationality. If Brits supports Hamilton because he is British it's normal and nothing wrong in it! and as You said in one team there are many people from different countries so maybe that's why You have two national anthems for the team and for the driver.


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      • Nothing wrong with Nationalism, provided it does not fall into blind chauvinism. Over the years I have supported drivers and manufacturers from various countries, I was a fan of Jim Clark, Dan Gurney, Ronnie Peterson, Nigel Mansell (loved it when he came over to CART and gave me a chance to see him race) and my two all times favourite Jo Siffert (I was born and grew up in Switzerland and am a huge Porsche fan) and Gilles Villeneuve, whom I had the privilege of knowing when he raced in F Atlantic, to name a few.
        While racing myself, despite being by that time a proud Canadian, I proudly displayed the Swiss flag on my helmet and on my race car, that did not mean that I was blinded by my nationality, but always rejoiced at the successes of Jo Siffert, Herbert Muller, Clay Regazonni and my friend Florian Vetsch, this did not prevent me from supporting drivers various countries, I also never pretended that the swiss drivers (except Jo Siffert in a Porsche) were superior to other drivers, but could definitively hold their own and being equal to the competition.
        I have loved the sport since the mid sixties and detest the blatant chauvinism displayed by some (so called fans) where only their driver and or car are worthy and the rest are barely fit to ride donkeys, with apologies to all donkey riders :-)


    • Come on Hamilton! Do it for us Brits!
      Of course nationalism has a place in F1 as it does in every international sport etc. What a non question!!! Who set this up - some idiot!

    • 'Nationalism' is more than just complex. It is complicated by the fact that examples of nationalism are diverse, many types, forms and origins exist. Among the many forms of nationalism are cultural, civic, ethnic, romantic, 3rd world, religious and, today, liberal. There are more but to the individual the appeal of nationalism is largely sub-conscious and pre-dominantly emotional. It gives the individual a sense of belonging to a group and the self-association with the success, and failure of the group. National pride can be related to the cultural influence of the nation and its economic and political strength (real or imagined), but most important is that emotions are shared. This is what draws sports fans to 'support' their national team or an individual seen to be representative of their national identity. It has been said that, "If love is blind then nationalism defies all five senses," and George Orwell wrote, "The nationalist not only does not disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he has a remarkable capacity for not even hearing about them." Did his foresight extend to 2008 and the world of Formula One?

    • There are always plenty of the "fair weather" fans.
      Would they bother to come on a board like this, though? I suppose some would.
      Some may start to take a real interest in the sport but most will disappear when their hero fails/retires.
      I`m thinking more of the ones who say they are long-term followers of the sport but still seem to insist that people should back someone just because he shares their nationality.
      They are the ones I struggle to understand.

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