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  • good evening , ladies and gentlemen , boys and girls. well popped back for a read and lo ,the posters are the voice of reason,,ok that is lovely, pb , i like a barny as well as the next person sometimes we can all be a little overzelous in our pursuit of our own ambitions and opinions, the problem here is different and i like a lot of you guys have tried to ignore the main issue i have even witnessed one poster go out of his way to try to educate in a very non condecending way but , and i have to state this for my own peace of mind .
    if you read back and put these posts together they are motivated mainly by skin colour, that is unacceptable i will slag the man but not his race and i am not prepared to sit and allow others to bring it into my living room. and yes i understand what a pompous #$%$ that will make me seem to some out there but i like to sleep with a clear consience,
    the problem with ignoring it is that it gets stronger and more consistant as we have witnessed here, i dont want my kittens growing up with a clouded mind. god forbid they pick on other cats just because they aint tabby, enjoy the sport for the rest of the season and to para phrase from my younger days ,"may your drivers god go with him"
    Inka wot no kisses, no wonder sid is lol..