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  • mouse mouse Jul 15, 2008 01:30 Flag

    Who is "The Stig" of BBC?

    dearest dan..

    if you is keeping your pants to yourself and the great mr dan, then i is chasing the local talent.(inka only lives 700 km away), PLUS AT THE MOMENT I BELIEVE THAT THERE IS NO SEÑOR INKA TO SMACK ME, mrs mike is only five feet tall (1m 52cm) inka so you do not have to worry,(she is also sitting here p(h)sl having seen inka`s picture that i would even try), so there you go dan there is always a place for you in my blood pump but i cant wait forever (and at my age even forever is not that long), so sorry dan but to answer your question yes i is kissing butt, making the pass, chasing the chica. sorry to talk about you as if you are not there inka but i am plucking up the hic hic (dutch) courage to broach the subject with you oh sweet goddess,,
    strides away from keyboard with aprehensive frown but discernable skip in the step