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  • mouse mouse Jul 19, 2008 06:05 Flag

    Non-WC race win by Prost

    pb , i know that this has gone from prost to prostate (so to say) but its not much of a memory test if you are just going to turn the photo over and read what they wrote on the back,lol

    p.s does any one want a kitten as i now realise that at my age it was stupid to give the little orphan a home as he will just get settled in around the time i look to the big sleep.

    p.p.s enough already with the pensioner talk (and that spelling dont look right) it is hard enough seeing grandad look at me when im shaving in the morning,

    p.p.p.s i would have put rotflmao, but at my age this is no laughing matter

    p.p.p.p.s inka take me now or my next suit could be a body bag. sorry nostalga cracked in and i heard the heavenly sound of ice t (L:A home of the body bag), dont raise your eyebrows you brought it on yerselves. lol

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    • This thread Adam is the most brilliant ever! A deviously constructed piece devised to baffle and bewilder even the most knowledgeable, sending them scurrying to reference libraries, personal records and internet references in a mad frenzy to attempt identification of a long-forgotten event which maybe didn't - evidently never - took place. What a bizarre twilight cyberspace world we inhabit. F1 seems almost normal by comparison ..... I said "seems almost"!