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  • Inside Inside Jul 25, 2008 07:14 Flag

    Danika holds press conference.

    This week in Edmonton, a temporary street circuit, was anything but apologetic on her confrontation with Milka Duno. Its on the Yahoo IRL site, who were very kind to her.

    Rumor on the street says while GoDaddy was excited with the publicity, Motorola and Honda called her on the carpet.

    But if your interested read the article and judge for yourself. I am still confused as to what she actually said.

    During practice today Paul Tracey had a good practice and seemed to settle right in. Best guess Danica will not crack the top 10 again, but I am sure I will get the "I told you so's" if she does.

    This will be the 2nd in 5 straight road/street courses, so the champ car boys hopefully will do better.

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    • Hi SA! :-)))

      I agree about the part of Vasilakis cussing at board members and therefore I have sent him an e-mail (it is displayed on his profile) and have told him my opinion in private about what I think of this. About him being my little Greek friend…hums…he’s not more or less a friend to me than the most of the board members over here. When he is not cussing he is ok and can be very funny sometimes. :-))

      Me and frustrated?? Rofmol! No chance SA. ;-) I’m a happy camper usually and there are not many things that can take me out of my happiness… :-)))))

      Now… what you said about my IQ is very devastating to me…my IQ is only a box of rocks??? Wuaaaaaaaaaaaa and I were thinking of myself as being intelligent!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      Since you seem to be an expert in intelligence SA ;-)) Tell me? What is your IQ SA??


    • Not sure you'll see this Paddock but I sign in from US and it clearly states

      Yahoo! Message Boards > Formula 1 > General

      having read a few of the threads on here, I see nothing much has changed. personal insults abound rather than F1 discussion :( ..... Hope your all Ok though.

    • To be fair, it was us who started on him (at least in this instance). I was perhaps too harsh on him, but considering the posts I was objecting to, I think at least there's a certain poetry to it all. People who don't dish it out, don't get it from me.

      But we could just as easily have let it lie and not said anything.

    • INKA, I am confussed, you said "Stay away from Adam, Sid, Vasilakis and myself! Will you please?" to which I agreed with, so why not follow your own request.

      Why keep it going, are you that frustrated.

      Obviously either you jumping in without thought or feel like or feel like your exerising female proragative. Either way your mistaken. Your comments about my view points of females is a lot healthier then yours or the foul language your little greek friend laid on paddockbend or Dan.

      So whatever your view points are, I am not interested, not because your a female, but because imo you have the IQ of a box of rocks.

    • Hi SA….. Well… if this is what you think it is… ok with me! =) you just forgot that you where the one on messing with us… and not us with you =)

      You are telling Vasilakis to be the one who don’t like women. Ha ha ha Have you read your own post and treads lately?

      Danica Patrick all the way up in to the soup ;-)

      Besides that… S A… Is it worth it to you to get so upset about it?? Think about it? Is it worth it being mad at somebody you don’t even know in person?

      Just go and figurate out :-)))

    • Sid, you have a vivid imagination. But thanks for associating me with Bob G. But I guess that's another one of the people that you can't run over the top of.

      You word of advice, for what it's worth, seek help, I'm sure they have medication for your problem.

    • INKA, I have no problem ignoring you, easy enough. As to your lttle friends SID, ADAM and Vasilakis I expected that they need a woman to do their bidding.

    • Hi SA!:-))

      I have tried to stay away from everything so far! =) but you have not made it very easy for me! =)
      To me… enough is enough! Stay away from Adam, Sid, Vasilakis and myself! Will you please?
      Is this where you wanted me to be? I’m very tired of reading your hatful treads about anything and everybody to do with people first, and than with woman. =)

      Please... Drop it will you? Thank you in advanced! Muakkkkkkkkk

      Who knows? Maybe… someday we could even be friends? :-))) I have read somewhere that you do not dislike my Fernando? :o)


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