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  • Alex R Alex R Aug 3, 2008 22:28 Flag

    A bad day for racing

    Today the competitive hard racing was not rewarded. what does Massa get for a brilliant double overtake on the first straight? A breakdown. what do Heiki and Kimi get for driving boringly? podiums

    All credit to Heiki but he didn't really win the race, he was merely driving in the right place at the right time. Not a great day for my Fantasy F1 team but i suspect others had worse.

    Amazing recovery by Glock.

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    • I don't understand the gnashing of teeth over the results of this race. I realise the race leader lost out and the second place driver also lost out. Both due to technical problems, but this is the nature of top level racing. Man and machine should be performing to their maximum and if one or the other of these is only slightly off form they do not take the prize. This always has been and always will be the challenge to winning a race. As previously mentioned this is a team challenge and any failing within the team brings disaster.

      If both Felipe and Lewis had lasted to the end without problems no one can say Felipe would have won as the final stint on soft tyres could have changed the advantage.

      We all need to accept that conditions change and different drivers have better results at certain events.

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      • I don't think there is a gnashing of teeth, I think people are just reacting to the disappointment of the man of the race going out three laps from the end - like when people groan when a footballer misses a penalty. That's the nature of football, but it's still disappointing. I'm sure we're all over it by now.

        It's also a little disappointing that Heikki didn't win his first GP by putting in the drive of his life. Even lucking into it from third like he did, it would have been more satisfying if he'd really been going for it. A sort of Panis in Monaco 96 kind of drive.

    • Could be, not a patch on the old days when the mechanic took time out in a stop to re-light the drivers pipe.

      (just made that up, but you get the idea)

    • Oh, that was you? The different screen name threw me off. I thought it was a non-regular - it shouldn't have made a difference but it did. We've just got this place relatively civil again, and the last thing we need is some Johnny Come Lately bounding in erroneously accusing people of being spoilt brats, apropos nothing. I was trying to nip the ill will in the bud, not enflame anything. I suppose the trouble with communicating in writing only is that implied tone of voice often doesn't translate via screens - in so much as you took my post as an attack and I took your post as pretty insulting.

      Me, I'm always calm.

    • im sorry but many of you are so wrong and just feeling sour for hami or massa..how many races are on like that? if everyone would have crashed out of the race and Hamilton win by being the last racer lest the article would probably read.."brilliant Hamilton reigns supreme again in chaos" or some other extraordinary flattery of Hamilton,, in racing engines burn punctures happen and a host of other problems and you dont call the winner lucky,..look at kimi who probably endured the worst luck ever in the past..nobody said of shumis or alonso are lucky,,,,besides hami flat spotted his tire and thus created the probability of a puncture with aggressive driving..

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      • I think the difference is that often drivers win because of failures in front, but they also put in a spirited drive to be where they were (like Timo, whose second was lucky but overall high position was due to a great drive). The two Finns seemed a little mechanical but were rewarded nonetheless by fortune. Not saying that Heikki didn't deserve the win, but it was disappointing that Massa and Hamilton, who both put in great drives, lost out. But that's the way it goes.

    • Two weeks ago Nelson Piquet Jnr was hailed as the man of the hockenheim race for coming in 2nd, he qualified out of the top 10 which allowed him to use whatever fuel load he wanted and chose to do a one stop strategy, this alone got him onto the podium, Heikki on the other hand Qualified on the front row and then drove a solid race,ok due to one or two misfortunes (for Massa and Lewis) he won but the resulting threads say he was undeserving!!!!!!!!!! WHY ?.............Because he was driving a Mclaren ??

    • These are the things that make F1 unpredictable

      I know you feel sorry for the drivers but they got to expect a couple of mechanical failures over the seson and at the end of the season the law of averages should equal the luck out

      The cars now are a lot more reliable than they were i can remember even 20 years ago you were almost garanteed to have at least 2 engine failures in a race just think how frustrating it was then for the drivers

    • it might have been a bad day for certain individuals but for racing, no. these are the sort of days that put racing above all other sports,days ,weeks, months and years of preperation, years of training and learning and honing skills. millions and squillions of pounds worth of investment and a 20 cent engine part takes your weekend apart.

      bloody magic.

      kimi for god.

    • I do not want to comment about KR, but for me HK did a great job on qualifying....he had 2(??not sure) laps more fuel onboard...but still he got 2nd position and only few thents off from LH. If they had same amount of fuel.....I think he would beat LH, I just do not think uncle ron would be happy about that.

    • Well it was a strange race, it looked promising with Massa's banzai move at the start, but then until Hamilton smoked his tire, it was a tad tedious, I guess Kimi felt the same way as he could nor be bothered to get really interested until it was almost too late. The one thing I found curious and was surprised nobody commented on was all the refueling rings fires, twice in Bourdais case. I feel sorry for Massa, but the gods of racing were not smiling on him today (again), but then again when was the last time a Ferrari hand grenaded its engine ( beside Toro Rosso, I seem to recall one of their engine blew up real good earlier this season). I agree with the general point of view that the only deserving podium participant was Timo Glock, hell of a race for him, Heiki and Kimi kind of snuck in by default and I'm sure they must have been doing some serious snickering in Finnish

    • ROTFLMFAO................

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