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  • mouse mouse Aug 24, 2008 20:38 Flag


    so how did ferrari become F1 `s most idiotic team in such a small space of time.

    do the idiots not have an effin calculator.

    kimi is god ,

    but even gods struggle with idiots

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    • OMG!!! This man has seemed to due it again. If Kimi did not have bad luck he would have no luck at all. I due not believe it is Ferrari, as they did win with M#$%$a, and motorsports do have engine failures. I will stick with my statment Karma is a @#$@@ and when your cocky and think you are above everyone then it always comes back to bit you in the #$%$. Get humble and human again Kimi your luck might change

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      • well that told me and god.

        yep ferrari inventing toys that no one needs .

        releasing massa into the force india.and building engines that cant last the distance,,

        that will all be down to kimi being a miserable twat will it linda, karma my arse..

        as another poster said even the most ardent kimi fan cant claim that he can set a car up and that is fair enough, fully accepted but karma. your in the wrong game there linda f this is motor sport not bloody astrology.

        as some one who has never liked ferrari but happens to follow one of their drivers , the one thing they always were was professional. i dont know if that is down to the prick who has replaced ross b but some twat needs the sack. that aint karma thats effin incompetence

        kimi may well have been god once but it seems to be wearing off.

    • It was *entirely* Kimi's fault for going early at his second stop, as the in-car camera clearly showed him setting off on the amber light. That said, they need to just use a lollipop like everyone else. As for the engine, engines blow.

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      • Ferrari have made far too many errors this season. If Prost or Schumi were driving, the title would be over!

        The mistake today in Kimi's pit was his own doing. In general I think his problems stem from his inability to set up his car for qualifying. Even the biggest Kimi fan has to admit that this "racing God" is not exactly a master on car setup.

        Blaming everything on the team is ridiculous. How much of their recent struggles can be put down to the "questionable" motivation of a certain employee? It is anyone's guess

    • Kimi will have to up his game soon, or Ferrari will have to put all their efforts into Felippe, but TWO engines in two GP's....woof!!

    • Don't worry, the FIA will award both Ferari drivers an extra point this season for every hundred thousand Euros the Ferari team stuff through the FIA letter box.

      There is loads of time for Ecclestone to sort it out so his favourite team wins.

    • Correction, Mike - totally incompetent bunch of w **** kers. Poor Kimi.

    • I think they've just decided that FM is the chosen one, Mike.
      If you look at it that way the strategy was probably right, but as a Kimi fan I would be fuming.