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  • achilles achilles Aug 29, 2008 14:41 Flag

    Team orders?

    Ferrari have stated that they will get Kimi to support Massa in his bid for the title, should the races work in Massa's Favour.....Hmmmmm.....

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    • Team orders will always be here,especialy if one driver has a greater chance of winning the DWC.

    • Way to go baby!

    • Thank you, that's very kind of you.

    • Adam, as far as I can tell, you're a gentleman. You see, this is an opinion. I do not know you but based on your postings that I have read, you have conducted yourself very well. Yes I do agree journalists seem to promote their national athletes instead of reporting the news. Let us just agree to disagree on this issue. From my perspective, I cannot see how anyone can be objective about someone they dislike. They can say the person did a great job when it is obvious to everyone but that does not make them impartial. I must say I have enjoyed these discussions with you. You do not indulge in insults or hyperbole. I hope everyone who posts here will learn from you. Let's enjoy the next race.

    • Thank you! :) I know we disagree about... most things!... but I do try to keep it polite and informative without becoming personal or resorting to insults.

    • No, but you misunderstand what I'm saying. They like and dislike certain drivers as people, as we all do, but when they write their race reports they make their judgement calls based on how they viewed the on-track performances. Yes, they're opinions, but they're not swayed by how they feel about the drivers. To put it into terms of dialogue:

      "I don't like Hamilton, but that was one of the best drives I've ever seen!"
      "You would say that, wouldn't you, you're biassed"

      It doesn't make sense, does it?

      What I'm saying is, there's a difference between an honest opinion and a biassed opinion. They give honest opinions, not biassed ones. They're Aussies and love Mark Webber, but still say when he's been #$%$ I don't always agree with their opinions, and I don't always see the race in the way they see it, but I never imagine that they're been swayed by their preferences.

      What I was saying to Vasilakis is that the British press can be very pro-Hamilton and the European press can be very pro-Alonso/Ferrari/Renault/whoever, and if you're quite new to Formula 1 and are just getting Hamilton in one ear and Alonso in the other, it's quite nice to go to a site who put their likes and dislikes to one side and give (as near to as is possible) unbiassed race reports. The national presses will ignore most other drivers or teams but their own, and will usually exaggerate their achievements.

    • As far as I can remember, you are one of few who can build a dialogue and not attacking any poster personally. I think we have a lots of disagreement, but you dealt with it well.

      personally, I do not see anything extreme with your latests posts. I can see you are trying to give a new perspective for vasilakis, nothing wrong with that :)

    • There is a difference between expressing an opinion and reporting a fact. An opinion is not fact and it is natural to be biased when presenting information on someone you dislike. You said the guys dislike LH. How well do they know him to have such a strong emotion? The mistake you made was that you claimed they are unbiased.

    • Basically, I recommended a fun website to someone and described a weird dream I had - how is this worthy of contempt all of a sudden? What's the matter with people? Are people so anti-social now that they can't communicate without sneering?

      I've had a couple of pints out with friends, so I'm not in the mood for this nonsense. Can someone please tell me exactly what I did wrong? Anyone? It's a mystery to me, but someone out there must know. After all, I'm being marked down for it enough, so someone must be aware what my crime here is.

    • Team orders suck!

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