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  • probablygraham probablygraham Sep 22, 2008 18:45 Flag

    The Hamilton Appeal

    While I think that the wrong decision was made in Spa, I hope the appeal fails today but that LH still goes on to win the world championship.

    If LH gets the points back and goes on to become champion, many people (mostly Ferrari fans) will be saying he only won it because of the points he got from the appeal. If he gets the points and still doesn't win the championship, he will be ridiculed as he was last year.

    After the incredible performances he has shown in various races this season, it would be great to see him become world champion without any controversy.

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    • Whilst you may have a point about L.H the same will be said of F. Massa if he goes on to win the championship by less than 6 points!! I have said this before the championship must be determined on the track. F1 is about racing, it is not a knitting contest. Can you imagine the hue and cry if the same principle was used in say The world cup or Tennis at Wimbledon where match stewards 2 hours later decided, if the ball was or was not over the line and changed the result!! The FiA needs to get its act together, if a driving offence was committed then the stewards should have been able to sort it straight away. Sorry it's a complete farce.

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      • I agree with it all being described as a farce, the only reason Drivers want to get to F1 nowadays is for the Money, why else would someone, who had been winning races for the last 10 to15 years put up with driving a no hope car?
        And what about the new Singapore circuit - I can't think you will ever see anything more farsical! Pit lanes exiting onto the racing line, bumpy surfaces and kerbs that are forcing teams to raise ride heights, sounds like a recipe for even more penalties and appeals.
        Even the Commentators are struggling to find good things to say about it.

      • Marion Jones olympic medals was stripped out after few years.. :P

    • It's called answering your post. The quotes allow everyone to know which sentence of your previous post I'm reacting to. Whilst not forgetting to quote the sentence in full, at least without changing the meaning of it. Basic posting really...

      Ok, maybe I went over the top with "dummymode", perhaps I should apologise? Perhaps, perhaps not, but I'll justify it anyhow, as you seem to have just focused and the word "dummy" and omitted what I've written (as you have elsewhere) - it's simply taking YOUR opinion, which in my opinion is wrong, and reason as far as possible with it until it becomes blatantly wrong. If 15th to 7th is dangerous, what should we make of Valentino Rossi winning from 11th on the grid in Assen last year, or John Watson, winning the 1983 West US GP having started 22nd? (answer required) Take note also that at that GP, team-mate and at the time double champion Niki Lauda climbed from 23rd to 2nd...

      I'll admit that my post was quite harsh, and that I'm a 1st-class cynic. I find pushing reasonings into incoherence very funny - THAT is dummymode. Arguably it makes me quite a mean person, but at least I know it. If it offends you, well... tough.

    • Dan, if you go behind the bar or ask Petrus to spare a few minutes, I'm sure that a plaster can be found to put on your head wound caused from banging it against the brick wall.
      Let this be a lesson to you.
      Edjumikateeng pork is not an easy thing to do. ;-))))))

    • yet again dan, you is correct hun.


      oops , rotflmao.

      K I G; (another bloody fantasy)

    • hienz, i have never made any bones about the fact that i cant stand the bloke, i dont like his style , i dont like his attitude and i dont like the way he goes about the public aspects of his business. but i have also never made any bones about the fact that he is one of the best drivers that i have ever seen,

      big difference is that i admit to being a little jealous of his skill, youth, money and girlfriend, add that lot to the fact that i have seen my favorite driver (KR) displaced by the little git and that is why i would like him to suffer a little accident,. unlike most on here who seem to slag him off for fun i would not wish to see kimi or anyone else take the title from him in a courtroom by changing the rules after the race.

      K I G (but maybe we is having a year on sabbatical)

    • This is the best post I have read from you so far Mike! lol

      How about if he breaks his litle toe finger? or hes nose? and because of not being able to put hes helmet on can´t race anymore this year?? ha ha

      Or starts getting panic atacks during the races like Lauda did? lol

      Would that be enough for you Mike? ha ha

    • Try going to any race circuit at 05.00 > 07.30, on the morning of a race, you will see all proper race drivers walking the circuit!

    • Alonso also walks around the circuit.....

    • good morning Mike, #$%$ my bad for over stepping my place I'll go back to the kitchen.....
      This weekend I need Alonso to come in first with sutil and vettel in a Mclaren if that happens I'm well in the points on Fantasy....

    • Nicholas B, whatever you think of Lewis, and Mclaren, that's cool, not sure you can compare anyone to schumi, just yet...
      Probably one of the most gifted drivers on the planet, yet even Ferrari wanted him to go. I would have loved to have seen him, and Looie getting it on, both hard racers, it would have been awesome to watch those two in the rain, both would try to win, or put it in the wall...thing is that Schumi stuffed a real nice guy for his first championship, so far we can't add that to lewis CV, Alonso reacted badly to the new kid, and so the world has turned, did'nt see any animosity at Toro Rosso about Vettel, maybe Webber might not be so charmed next year...I think I will give Looie a few years before I decide whether he is capable of wearing Schumi's crown, thorns, and all....lol.

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