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  • Ronsenglish Ronsenglish Oct 5, 2008 11:09 Flag

    Mosley Calls for New Privacy Laws

    I respect a person’s right to privacy if we are talking about a private person but Max Mosley is a public person, should we turn a blind eye to immoral behaviour? Why should we have new legislation just to benefit the rich and famous who don't want the man in the street to know when they do something wrong? New legislation should be for the good of all not to keep the behavior of the chosen few secret. If people do wrong then the world should know.

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    • Not the first time Max has been in the news for taking a beating


    • Max's move potentially benefits any victim of press vilification, even F1 fans and F1 itself. For had the legal onus existed on pending publishers of revealing to the subject of their allegation their intended allegation prior to publication then, given the outcome of the Max legal case, publication would not have been permitted. F1 and its wonderful fans, upright citizens every one, would have thus been spared the scandal. Or do the fans and posters here actually rather enjoy the mayhem? Food for thought ..... ?

      Any defeat for the Press or move to curtail their slimey tittle-tattle and worse is welcome. This year alone their scandalous lies have led to admissions of guilt, apologies and the payment of millions by them to Tesco, Salmon Rushdie, Marco Materazzi and Kerry Katona to name but four others, and they represent only the tip of a mammoth iceberg. Worst of all their lies corrupt decent F1 followers, why even daily on these very pages ....!!

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      • Petrus - I agree with you in as much as I hate the #$%$ that make people's lives hell, whether there is any thruth in the story or not, but in Max's case I am annoyed that he has ignored his job and the responsibility that goes with it.

        Yes - stop the papers printing this #$%$ (at least since I already downloaded the clip of Max haha), but also stop people thinking that they are above all criticism when they are doing a responsible job.

        Max is putting himself in the same category as actors, singers and other celebrities. To be honest I don't care if people like Britney Spears shag llamas, but when you're in charge of an international organisation and are meeting leaders from around the world you have to be a responsible person and step down when something like this becomes public.

      • http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/05102008/23/mosley-wants-tougher-media-privacy-laws.html

        "The 68-year-old had been unable to gain a prior injunction against the Sunday red-top publishing the story, as he had been unaware that the 'paper knew anything about it"..............

        What total hogwash.
        Mosley was told weeks prior to the revelations in 'The Whores Gazette' that he was being investigated, but rather than stop and think of his wife and children, who knew nothing about his carrying-on, decided that he would rather continue with his 'dark side' and spent time looking into who had a grudge against him instead.

        That said, I totally agree that the press are sleazy and sometimes they can be lower than a rattlesnakes butt, but there are times when the public have a right to be informed of certain things that may not come into the public domain otherwise, although a line has to be drawn. I guess it is down to a person's interpretation of what is news and what is tomorrow's chip wrappings.

    • F1 is in a mess at the moment. Penalties which (almost) nobody understands, races being turned upside down by ridiculous safety car rules, circuits where a driver has to run across the track because he can't get off the track any other way, teams running up huge debts etc. etc.

      Good to see that Max is taking it seriously and spending his time and our money trying to make laws to stop people filming his spotty pasty ar$e being slapped by some slappers.
      And there was us (and all the automobile associations in the world) saying Max wasn't fit for the job. Silly us.

    • if he keeps his #$%$ in his pants he dont need to worry about privacy laws full stop.

      K I G

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      • A brief, but succinct summing up there Mike I, Mosely makes himself look extremely foolish with these comments, My support for a persons privacy won't change, and I see no reason for what you do privately, as a basis for losing your job,(so long as it is generally legal) But Mosely has done all manner of things MOTORSPORT related that would call his tenure into question...currently taking orders for the national cross-dressing conference in Withernsea....anyone?