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  • Ronsenglish Ronsenglish Oct 8, 2008 08:29 Flag

    Can we compare Ferrari with Juventus

    Hello harleyboy,
    In my life I've had 1 or 2 Italian girlfriends one particularly nice one from Turin where I've spent some very pleasant holidays whith her and her parents, for the short time I followed F1 (11years) I supported Ferrari, so I don't hate anything Italian. I was just throwing a stone in the water. PS I no longer follow F1 because of the Spa incident and other idiossyncrasies that seem to benefit Ferrari every time. Bye

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    • I have read the original post and have not found anything hateful toward Italy or Italians, why is it the the poster has to be personally attacked and insulted by posters who don't agree with him/her?
      There is nothing wrong with having a disagreement, it would be very dull if everyone shared the same opinion, but why resort to personal attack instead of providing a proper rebuttal?
      BTW I'm not Italian, but do like Italian food, wine and women, although my taste in cars is firmly on the side of Porsche. I know not F1, but don't really have a current favorite there.

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      • I can assure you, that if I had started a thread implying that the British culture was full of thieves and cheats, and also that one could assume the same of their cherished EPL teams since their most famous F1 team were caught and found guilty of doing so, that I would be attacked full on by those who haven't already put me on ignore. It is an idiotic assumption at best, being made by Ronsenglish. Not Italian oldcanuck? Thank God for that.

    • You sound disgruntled towards Italians in general because your ex-girlfriends wised up to your narrow-minded views and dumped you. Stop giving the Brits a bad name. There are actually some on this board that I enjoy reading. Not you sir.