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  • probablygraham probablygraham Oct 19, 2008 16:38 Flag

    Congratulations LH

    An excellent drive. None of the recent madness, so maybe he's learnt from his mistakes.

    The only thing that kept us from falling asleep was how blatant the Massa overtaking move would be. A stupid team orders rule, and every team would have done the same.

    Heikki will probably get a new engine because he dropped out. Anyone know if LH still has the "free engine change"? If so, can they still use it or does he have to prove the old engine broke?

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    • Excellent drive?....maybe, weird when LH win in dominant fashion like this, nobody wrote boring ( not pointing at you).

      the main thing....LH now act like a holy person because he got rid of his biggest opponent, after malicious acts on few races, he will never learn except to win at all cost. ethical or not.

      And I still stand behind my post regarding tires.
      and regarding blatant move from FM?, does it really matter?? well orchestrated like in germany or poor one like this race?, they both artificial.

      well....since early of the season i knew and wrote about BE who like to have LH as a winner....so not surprisingly....

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      • Moore - I seriously wonder why you can't give credit when seeing a driver win a race in style unless it happens to be a Ferrari driver.

        I am not a fan of Alonso, nor a fan of Ferrari, nor a fan of McLaren, but when I see a good drive I show my respect for it.

        I said that the team orders rule is ignored and have made it clear that I think it is a stupid and unenforceable rule. However, as you and others have compared the overtaking move to that in Hockenheim I do see a major difference:
        In Hockenheim, because of a very strange pit strategy, LH stopped and then came back out running at least a second per lap faster than anyone else on the track. HK let him past and he overtook the others to take the win.
        In Shanghai, FM was much slower than the cars in front of him. He gained 5 seconds over KR during his pit stop, and then KR had to wait and slow down to let him past.

        I don't have a problem with that. Neither do the drivers or the teams. All the teams would have done it. But please let's compare like with like.

        As for LH getting rid of his greatest opponent by malicious acts, could you please list the acts you are talking about? I seem to remember that in Japan LH was sent to the back of the grid by FM rather than the other way round. Where and when did LH get rid of his biggest opponent except by driving faster than him?

    • Oh yes! He's handsome, clean looking, young gifted and black! He's moving forward and we love him much! Congrats Lewis! This has been the best weekend especially with Venus winning in Zurich, now what?

    • maybe we half to wait and see for the next week he did very good Massa did good too but both ferrari didn't step up to the call!

    • It was surely an excellent drive, with no setbacks from start to finish.

      If Lewis can keep his act together he'll take it at Interlagos. Let Felipe win the race and take the third step on the podium, that way everyone can celebrate something. And if Alonso finishes second he can be happy to take a couple of points away from Lewis!!!

      Next year if BMW and Renault progress and do some catching up it may be a very interesting season.

    • Good Morning PG. :-)

      Yes, Lewis drove immaculate today. Has he learned from last years mistakes though? I thought it. Flavio and Niki L said the same thing...they are disappointed and think Lewis is not mature enough for F1 yet.

      About the extra motor… they said in today’s preview that they where not sure if you where allowed to change it since it was the last race and they thought Mclaren wouldn’t take that risk in doing so just in case it wasn’t right. But I do think though the old one needs to be broken first. I’m not 100% sure.

      Felicidades to Lewis Hamilton and all he’s fans! If you drive one more time like this in 2 weeks time the title is yours!


    • thus what we call real displine.talk little do much and let them finish talking.CONGLATS LH.thus the future of F1.Real winners claim it in the eyes of haters nanananaaaaah.