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    MASSA 6(six) wins--HAMILTON 5(five wins

    So this ios what F1 has come to!
    Bernie alters the rules so an inferior driver with less wins is GIVEN the so-called World Championship
    Ill NEVER watch or listen to this CORRUPTION ever again

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    • You don't have to win a race to win a championship, You just need to be more consistent than the rest, Ferrari were rubbish this year, The local girls school could have done better.....
      The best driver won, And he should have won it at the 2nd to last race...

    • What a stupid little child.
      And you were forgetting the one that the FIA cheated young Mr Hamilton out of.
      Get a hold on yourself.

    • Rubbish attempt to get people annoyed and your comment is ANOTHER sore loser Ferrari fan moaning AGAIN!. TRUE fans know the truth about this year. Don't think Bernie and Max (FIA) could do enough to help Massa. Corruption? You've got that right!
      MASSA 6(six) wins--HAMILTON 5(five wins)? I'll answer that with ONE word...Spa! Enough said!
      Massa also didn't create wins when he needed to, when he qualified back in the grid whereas Hamilton did this ALL season long (Monza for instance) and he outdrove the Ferrari's in ALL conditions ALL season. Who is the "inferior driver"....hahahaha! BRILLIANT!
      I feel ALL you Ferrari "fans" pain and I'm LOVING THE FACT THAT YOU ARE HURTING soooooooooooooo MUCH!

      Im sick and fed u[ of all the jealous and racism of the anti Hamilton people out there.He has doen nothing to warrant all that hatred from people who dont even know him.I have met Lewis and his father on a number of occassions and they are NOT arrogant or boastful in anyway at all.
      How can members of the public come to that opinion about someone they have never known.Im sorry but its just pure jealousy and racism.If your racist then i suggest you seek help for your problem- because you need help.
      The USA now has a mixed raced president so get over it.Its not about the colour of your skin, but the content of your character.Whatever you think and say , you cant deny that Lewis hamilton has achieved something you could never achieve.

    • he won on points - seems quite simple to me, isnt that how most sports are won with tables ?

    • But remember the same Bernie who you denigrate took one of LH's wins and gave at to Massa. So it should have been 6-5 the other way.
      But this is the way the rules are and this is not new. Go out on to the web and do a little research and you will find out that in a number of seasons the driver with the most wins did not win the championship.
      I guess as a Ferrari supporter what you would like is for the season to be run and then for Ferrari to determine the points system to give their 2 boys 1st and 2nd in the championship.

    • lewis hamilton crossed the line first in 6 races,massa only crossed the line first in 5,the fia in an effort to thwart ron dennis ,lewis hamilton and mclare team awarded massa one of hamiltons victories,(the victory in belgium)this was not the only bending of the rules in favour of ferrari in this season!.
      i cannot recall exactly the point scoring system when senna and mansell wre driving but,did they not take the best 8 races of each driver towards championship?,something along those lines i seem to recall.

    • LOL ... why you guys even reply to messages like this stuns me!!

      It's interesting that everyone remembers Spa but no one remembers Valencia! And to me, this was a far more outrageous piece of bad Stewarding.

      The pit stop in question took place on lap 37. By the FIA rules the decision had to made during the race. The same Stewards during the GP2 race had exactly the same thing happen with Senna and he was instantly given a drive through penalty.

      What did Massa get. A 10,000 Euro fine.

      There is an incredibly strong point to make that in actuality if the Stewarding had been up to par (i.e. better than first graders), this session would have seen LH with 7 wins and FM with 4.

      (from original story on F1 web site).

      However, his victory was only confirmed once stewards had investigated his second pit stop on lap 37, in which he was deemed to have been released unsafely into the path of Force India’s Adrian Sutil. It resulted in a reprimand for the Brazilian and a hefty €10,000 fine.

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      • Not sure about your ranking of the incidents, I thought they all stunk. But on second thoughts YES I do agree totally with you this incident was taking the michael.
        I posted on one of the bulletin boards at the time, everybody was pondering the penalty that Massa would get. I said that basically it would be nothing and I was right, I thought they would give him a time penalty that would leave him in 1st position. But the FIA are answerable to no one and they really flaunted that in this race.
        They even said afterwards that it was only a fine because Massa gained no advantage - so blinking what, since when has that been the only consideration? If you come out of the pits and put a wheel over the white line it's an automatic drive-through, but what advantage has been gained there.
        I have never seen such a flaunting of power by a sporting body, never ever.
        Massa made this potentially fatal by the way, even after he seen Sutil in the pit lane, he tried to race him to the exit. Then after the race to say that Sutil should have moved over!!! Would you adam & eve it?

      • Anyone know if Button received any penalty for his unsafe release in Brazil?

      • P.S.

        And before you Ferrari folks get all upset with me ask your self one question.

        Out of all the incidents involving releasing a driver incorrectly and almost causing a pit lane incidence. (Let's take into account GP2 and F1 as it's the same stewards and I watched all the races.)

        Who, is the only driver to get a fine rather than a drive through?

    • whata sado best driver won

    • According to the rules of the 'sport' which were set out at the start of the season, and which all teams knew before they even set out to race, the driver with the highest points total would become world champion.

      Now, Massa finished first in five races, and Hamilton finished first in six. Hamilton was given a twenty five point penalty in one race which pushed him down the ranks to third and gained Massa one spot - and the arguments for and against that penalty have been long and hard on both sides. But calling it a Massa win is correct only in a technical sense - he didn't actually finish first on the track. There are many people who call the decison to penalise Hamilton 'corrupt' and only the wildest Ferrari fan would call F1 'corrupt' because Massa came away with more victories.

      You want to change the rules - you change them before the season starts, not when it has finished.

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      • LOL Danimik - it was 25 seconds rather than points but you're right to question what exactly a "win" is.

        Personally I think they should change the points system to make it really worth while fighting for a win - something like 20 points for the win and 10 for second. I've never liked the fact that a "sensible" driver can become champion by finishing regularly on the podium but the rules are the rules and when someone starts a thread like this it's just an attempt to belittle a worthy champion.

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