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  • probablygraham probablygraham Nov 7, 2008 18:36 Flag

    MASSA 6(six) wins--HAMILTON 5(five wins

    LOL Danimik - it was 25 seconds rather than points but you're right to question what exactly a "win" is.

    Personally I think they should change the points system to make it really worth while fighting for a win - something like 20 points for the win and 10 for second. I've never liked the fact that a "sensible" driver can become champion by finishing regularly on the podium but the rules are the rules and when someone starts a thread like this it's just an attempt to belittle a worthy champion.

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    • damn - I should remember to wake up before I post...

      Personally, I'd go back to only the top six getting points - maybe 10,7,5,3,2,1 and a point for fastest lap and a point for finishing on pole.

      We, the spectators, the fans, are supposed to be paying to enjoy watching people race - not beetle around in their comfort zones underperforming just to accumulate points. I know you'll never stop it happening, but I think too many points being given out make it too easy for them.

    • Well put PG. I'd argue that the old scoring system was better..10,6,4,3,2,1
      Giving 20 for first would sweeten the prize for first but Skew historical point tallies.

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      • Massa - if we're talking about OLD then it used to be 9 points for the win :-)

        You're right - the 20 points idea wouldn't really work in practice, but maybe there should be other incentives that come from other series - points for poles (not Kubica haha), points for the fastest lap, points for the number of laps in the lead etc.

        In my opinion the problem with F1 is that all the random factors that have been introduced such as the qualifying format, not being able to pit when the safety car first comes out, having to use at least 2 tyre compounds, re-using an engine etc. have made these sort of incentives very difficult. It's now more important to have a good qualifying and race strategy than to be the fastest driver out there. This season only really worked out for LH because he and McLaren were totally unbeatable when it got very very wet.