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  • achilles achilles Jan 17, 2009 04:49 Flag

    The Cars the Star

    The new cars are drawing lots of disparaging comments, I have to say I like the 'bare bones' look.
    If they give us back some good racing, i'll like them even more...

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    • cheers MGA i will have a look at that , hope you find the info your looking for

    • achilles
      Of course that's it!! never thought of that.I would imagine rules about the KERS system will be introduced for the 2010 season.
      Thanks again it has been bugging me!

    • MGA its not mentioned in the regs because it was mainly a push by bm to have it in the first place,who sold the idea to Max on the 'relevance' issue, also it should be remembered that it is OPTIONAL in '09, and they propose to have a standardised kit in '010, I think what they are saying, is that the choice of running it at individual races will be up to the individual teams, although some sources are saying it could be worth up to a second a lap, 'specially after the aero on the new cars is sorted, which will take the teams a few races to decide as they scramble to copy/adapt the best ideas to their cars.

    • Hi HUW D
      I don't know how to put a link on this page (if anyone would like to explain i would be grateful:-)) but if you Google (kers system) it explains it all there.
      But what i want to know is the length of service the unit has to do.
      Is it a 1 race unit or 2/3race unit this i cannot find in the rules®s

    • MGA did you manage to find out any info on this KERS system i understand it takes energy from the brakes ( all 4 or just rear or front ) & how is that feed into the engine to increase power or is still a state secret ?

    • Well I'm flabbergasted! Not with the most recent allusions to mike i's taste in frilly underwear but by the fact that I dropped by and stumbled straight on to a thread actually discussing technical aspects of F1 regulations. Am I in the right place ach & mga? If not, no matter, thanks anyway. As would happen more often somewhere in the distant past I've actually learned somethings from coming here, things which could have a significant bearing on the outcome of this year's championship. They'll also doubtless have a bearing on the coming seasons controversies but those posters most given to spraying mindless accusations at all and sundry are of course unlikely to have taken in anything of which you have written. I have, thanks.

    • LOL MGA Lol

    • LOL Achilles
      There are many things i have done in my life which could be deemed dangerous/adventuress and there are not many things i fear.
      But to ask Mike I about his cross dressing tendencies i fear is a step too far I,M NOT THAT BRAVE:-)))

    • Its nice when a man is so happy, MGA, however, if you want to be REALLY happy, ask Mike I about his new lingerie.....

    • YIPPPEE i found it:-)
      5.17 Replacing engine parts:
      The parts in lists A and B below may be changed without incurring a penalty under Article 28.4 of the 2009 F1 Sporting Regulations. If changing any of these parts involves breaking a seal this may be done but must carried out under FIA supervision. The parts in List B may only be replaced by identical homologated parts in accordance with Appendix 6 of the 2009 F1 Sporting Regulations.
      List A
      - Clutch
      - Clutch basket
      - Hydraulic pumps
      - Engine electronic boxes (ECU's, power modules, control boxes)
      - Fuel filters
      - Fuel pumps
      - Oil filters
      - Oil tank systems
      - Pneumatic bottles, regulators, pumps and pipes for valve actuation
      - Exhaust systems
      - Supports and brackets related to the auxiliaries, mentioned above
      - Screws, nuts, dowels or washers related to the auxiliaries, mentioned above
      - Cables, tubes or hoses related to the auxiliaries, mentioned above
      - Oil or air seals related to the auxiliaries, mentioned above
      - Spark plugs
      Now to find the KERS info but i wont post again don't want to bore you good people with my quest thanks Achilles:-))

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