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  • SM Najam SM Najam Feb 2, 2009 17:58 Flag

    I am SO SICK of hearing about Ayrton Senna

    For YEARS i hear about how great Ayrton Senna was. Yeah the guy died tragically and yeah he was very good and maybe amongst the best. The problem is that he was already being overtaken by Michael even when he was at his peak, in a better car and Michael was a novice. Unlike most of you out there I think that the MYTH of Ayrton Senna would have been debunked had he lived. I think better drivers were coming along and he was going to be shown up for what he was. A loud mouthed, arrogant bully. YES A BULLY. If he had employed some of his tactics now he would have been banned from Formula 1. People forget and tend to glorify the dead. His legend has grown in the telling. I will get a lot of flack for this but I feel I have to say it. I DO remember him driving people off the road. I DO remember him bullying younger drivers. I DO remember him employing all the intimidation that comes with being the number on driver and of even assaulting fellow drivers. You people think Michael was bad? You have NO IDEA how tame he was compared to Senna. So give it a rest. Yes he was great but please lets not go over board.

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    • Senna is my all time favourite race car driver...the reason a NYC/FL kid really bonded with F1. But young, tragic deaths of stars in their prime always elevate their legacy...we don't get to see them when the adulation fades. But, you could have much worse heroes in life... and I think Proust's response to his death..."he was the only driver I respected...in deference to him I will NEVER sit in an F1 car again.." speaks volumes.....

    • Lewis wanted to emmulate Senna..:) Well I am sure Ayrton would be ashamed to know that Lewis thinks he is of the same quality as Senna. How sad and pathetic that Lewis Hamilton lied and cheated. Saying you followed orders is just truly reprehensible.

    • Michael Schumacher isn't even Germany's greatest driver......that would be Rudolf Carracciola (that's not to say that Schumacher wasn't a great driver mind you as he clearly was).

    • Grossly over rated, should of been DUMPED to V8 supercars!!!

    • Yes the season is underway and there will be plenty of talk about brain dead idiots like you who have nothing to say unless it concerns Schumacher or the history of formula one (1991-2006) according to you. Keep beating a dead horse and enlightening us with your vast knowledge genius

    • Well the season is underway. No doubt there will be plenty of talk of how this driver or that driver compares to the Great Ayrton Senna.. and none..or very little, in the way of comparisons, for the Greatest Driver of all time..the Amazing..the INCOMPARABLE..the one and onlllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy Michaellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll SCHUMACHERRRRRRRRRRR


    • i cannot get enough of Senna,
      keep writing it.
      he was the best of a good bunch,
      world champions most of them,
      beat champions like,

      in cars like Tolemans, lotus'
      in the wet,
      proper driving skills.
      would have loved to have seen him bang wheels with Gilles,
      or even Jaques.

      its not until someone dies that you realise how good the opposition was,
      except for Schumacher (hes a tosser)
      rumour has it that he is putting up the money for Brawn F1,
      theres a good enough reason not to support them.

    • Mark please stop beating a dead horse already, we all know about Michaels statistics which were padded by beating the likes of Hill, Villeneuve, Coulthard, Barrichello, Irvine etc. etc. While Senna defeated 2 and 3 time world champions but was unable to defend himself against Michael due to his untimely passing. People like yourself only acknowledge the sport of F1 since Michael started driving , so be it. Most people agree with myself that Senna is and was better as evidenced by the recent Eurosport poll right here in which the margin of victory wasn't even close. You and you're statistics need to move on, Michael doesn't race anymore its 2009 you're sick of hearing about Senna but you nor anyone will ever tarnish his legend. Even Schumacher himself admitted after Sennas death that when he came up in karting that he idolized Senna. What? Michael idolizing the myth? I've got it on dvd if you want a copy. One last thing is who keeps talking about Senna here? Are you having nightmares about him because honestly all i hear around here is everyone saying that Lewis Hamilton is god, thats what you should be sick of !

    • "Nuvolari: The Legend Lives On

      Since 1930, more than a dozen of books have been dedicated to Tazio Nuvolari, the legendary driver considered the greatest of all times. The 50th anniversary from his death, gives the author Cesare De Agostini, the occasion for a brand new biography, having as a background the most recent researches and offering to the reader a portrait of great historical value through a brilliant and intriguing prose. This volume is enriched by a wonderful collection of pictures (about 200) some of them still unpublished.

      Hardcover - 10' x 10' - 200 pages - 200 b/w"

      Please accept my apologies for the cut and paste.

      There is an old film called the Titans about the drivers, teams and cars of the pre second world war era.

      Those guys were something else.

    • Or was the Rainmeister Nuvolari?

      I can't remember.

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