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  • Adam L Adam L Feb 2, 2009 20:56 Flag

    I am SO SICK of hearing about Ayrton Senna

    The comparison between Senna and Schumacher is a difficult one anyway, as Senna was an on-track racer and Schumi did a lot of his racing in the preparation. Not just in the set-up, but psychologically. Unlike Senna, Schumi was generally very nice to back-markers so that they wouldn't hold him up as he was trying to pass them. Schumi always made sure he never had any serious competition from a team mate. The Senna-Prost situation would never have happened.

    Senna may have been a bully on the track, but he was also an extremely sensitive and compassionate human being. He did loads of charity work, and was the most upset when Ratzenberger died. There are always two sides to these things.

    It seems odd to me that someone would start a thread *out of the blue* about how sick they are of hearing about Ayrton Senna, when all that would do is prompt a big discussion of Ayrton Senna. In a way, it's a self-fulfilling thread: "See - told you everyone talks about Senna all the time!" Might have been funny if we'd all just replied, "who?"

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