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  • hercay hercay Feb 7, 2009 00:31 Flag

    I am SO SICK of hearing about Ayrton Senna

    If Senna is to be compared to someone this can only be J. Clark. As to Schumacher he had the better car for the 2 years he was above Senna in ranking as the 1st year Schumi had Renault engine with extra 30 HP on Senna's Honda and 2nd year He had the start of art Ford engine while Mclaren was using previous year's Ford engine and was begging Benetton to give up its exclusivity on new ford engines, to no avail. The only year senna had better engine was the year He died and than was the 1st year of the ban on computerized suspension ban and the Williams handling was very difficult for the first part of the season