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  • Robert Robert Apr 2, 2009 19:20 Flag

    FIA Rubbish

    LH now has no points from the Australian GP.

    I could have accepted the FIA overturning the Trulli decision and giving him back his third place. Then Hamilton would go back to fourth place.

    But to take everything Hamilton did in the race away from him is cruel and nasty.

    Normal FIA service has been resumed.

    And for those of you who may wonder where my loyalties lie, my two guys crashed out together, thus allowing Trulli and Hamilton to be in this position at all.

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    • The FIA said last year after the Spa fiasco that 25 second penalties given in lieu of stop go's are not reversable. So they have changed the rules again.

      I am glad I am no longer a race official and have to put up wth this rubbish

    • Well ya know lying is pretty nasty too. Maybe if he had told the truth he wouldnt be in this position. I dont care what color his car is, you shouldnt lie. My favs crashed out as well, but I dont think you should lie to try and gain a podium and points.

    • Here we go again! Same old FIA bringing the sport to it's knees. I stopped watching last year because of them and gave it another go last week. I don't think I'l bother again. They are truly a predjudiced organisation. When will they show their true colours and start wearing black shirts again?