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  • Adam L Adam L Apr 3, 2009 02:25 Flag

    Boycott the TV coverage...

    It's your loss, it's not going to make any difference to them, and you'll probably end up missing one of the most exciting seasons in ages.

    If McLaren acted dishonestly, then they get punished. They accepted the decision and won't protest it. It may have been an honest mistake or lapse in memory, but rules were broken, so there you go.

    One question - if this were happening to Trulli instead, would you have the same reaction?

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    • if this happen to kimi then I want them to take action right away so he can serve his FIA ruling!

    • Lewis never should have given the position back, but he did. That was a decision made by the team based on their understanding of the rules. Since he gave the position back, the final on track positions should stand.

      He was asked "Were you instructed....." This is a very open question. Instructed by whom? The FIA / Race Stewards, which is how I would interpret the question considering its source, or my team?

      This whole incident has been VERY poorly handled from the time it happened right through to now.

      Maybe I'll have to start watching NASCAR instead.

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      • Only a drivers` team can actually speak to him across the radio, Greg.
        If he is given a penalty (e.g. a drive-through or stop & go, then his team (usually his race engineer) will inform him as to what he must do.

        If he was instructed anything by anyone while on track it HAS to come through his team.
        All radio transmissions must be available to the FIA. The Stewards only had to listen to the recordings to see what, if anything, was said.

    • Hi Adam
      I appreciate that when the rules are broken there should be a punishment. However my gripe is that these punishments are not always consistant, especially where McLaren are concerned. Last year there were so many poor decisions by the race stewards that McLaren now feel on the back foot at every race. This incident is the direct result of this defensive attitude. I agree that Trulli shouldn't be punished for something he didn't do but feel that Lewis earned the 4th place fairly.