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  • Emma Emma Apr 7, 2009 16:28 Flag

    Boycott the TV coverage...

    You are nieve if you think lewis did nothing wrong. why did he lie when asked if he was told to let trulli pass? if he had just told the truth he would have been awarded 3rd place anyway because that is where he ended up following trulli's mistake. as all 4 tyres left the race track trulli made a mistake allowing hamilton through therefore hamilton was entitled to 3rd place, this is not what caused the penalty, it was however the following conversation with the stewards where lewis was asked 'were you told to let trulli through' and he replied 'no' which was a stupid thing to do because as soon as the stewards listened to the radio message they realised that he had lied. this is the reason for the penalty - which was explained during the build up to the malaysian grand prix - although you wouldn't have seen it because you are boycotting the tv coverage. more fool you i say.

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    • pinkracer, the question to LH about

      "where you instructed to let trulli through"

      is very vague, as I have said before, the answer to that question is a yes and a no,

      Yes, the team told me to let Trulli through.

      No, I was not instructed - by the fia - to let Trulli throught.

      The stewards should of been clear, they werent.