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    Lewis Only Following Orders

    So THIS is the best that McLaren and Lewis could come up with? Lets suspend a scapegoat and then have Lewis say he was only lying because he was told to?? Sounds remarkably like, "I was only following orders". That didnt work well at Nuremburg. Lets see if Lewis gets away with it..:) My money says he will,

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    • Even if he was ordered to say what he said, I mean COME ON...he'snot a 5 year old kid. He's a grown man and a world champion and he shouldd start behaving like one. My brother is 7 and he has the sense to realise the consequences of a lie. Not only that, Lewis told reporters right after the race that he was instructed by radio to let Trulli pass...what possessed him to lie afterwards in the stewards'office i dont know, but whatever he did, it was very naive, arrogant to think they would get away with it, and very unlike a world champion that is supposed to serve as a role model.
      Also, after the McLaren spy saga of two years ago, after Nuremberg and now this, there seems to be a pattern emerging that shows a whole culture built on misleading officials, working deals out under the table, and i think its about time there's some sort of punishment out there....

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      • Stoil, in my experience, nothing, whether it be life or sport, is black, and white, but it would seem that it is expected of our heroes, and celebs, many of whom fail, often in the full glare of the media, who are no better than animals when it comes to a story, the problem is that, we, the critics, would probably behave no better, should we be placed in such a position. On the BBC website David Coulthard has written a piece which is worth a read...

      • Stoil I am with you 100% on this one. There seems to be something rotten at the core of F1 and I think some drastic measures need to be taken to preserve whats left of F1 integrity.

      • Agree with your comments stoil T As historically I was always an admirer of the Mc Laren team however looking back on what other respected members of that team have disclosed since they moved on and recent mutterings from the team principle and now lewis turning INFORMER on his own team what next?.
        I now believe something is seriously amiss within the teams core values and that they have completely lost the plot and more importantly the admiration and respect of many F1 viewers. With there own version of selecting the self destruct button.

    • Well im going to leave this site because i just find there are too many people in need of a basic education.Its is quite clear to most logical people in any firm or organisation, that if they are given an order to do something work related, they would normally do it.This is a fact that you would have to be very ignorant to disagree with, because the chances are that you obey orders everyday at your place of work.Hamiltion was advised and given what to say by RYAN and other senior members of the
      Mclaren team.
      Though Hamilton has his own mind, he is only 24 and new to F1 and so could no more be expected to exercise any sort of influence over senior manangements' decisons that anyone would if they have only been two years in their place of work. HAMILTON HAD TO DO WHAT HE WAS ORDERED TO DO , OR RISK BAD FEELING towards him from his team.

    • LH should be banished to ............NASCAR!!!!!!!

    • Mc Laren must demand strict control over lewis to obey team orders when he is afraid to think for himself and answer any question accurately when questioned by the stewards after the race.

      And then when the #$%$ hits the fan and he is interviewed by the stewards for the second time he comes clean and becomes an informer on his own team.

      And confesses all to the stewards and said he was ordered by his team manager to tell the stewards what he did and that he was sorry for telling a deliberate lie.

      As lewis has found out to his cost when you are caught telling a barefaced lie and it is proven to the whole world that you did so you very quickly realise that there is no hiding place for you and it is a long road back to regaining the respect that you once had with your fellow competitors and public.

      I am sure lewis wishes he could turn the clock back for his own peace of mind as he is a young man with a lot of talent at the beginning of his F1 carear however I beleive the autocratic style and approach of his present team have a lot to answer for in the position he now finds himself.

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      • I think that, as far as I am concerned, his admission shows a lack of integrity and a lack of maturity.

        Also, pointing the finger at a team member, is unforgivable.

        This shows how different Lewis Hamilton is from Michael Schumacher. Michael will go to his grave knowing he and his teams cheated but never admitting it. I can see it eating him away from the inside.

    • Well Well Well what do we have hear then... Looks like­ JUSTICE is being carried out by the FIA at long last.­ For months marnio from peru , Marion , Potter ,­ Touronroute , and many others have been preaching about­ mclaren and mr hamilton son as being cheats , looks­ like they were right after all. They also preached on­ f1 now being a farce and yet mclaren and mr hamilton­ son fans were quite content in allowing this to­ continue so as long as it benefited mclaren and mr­ hamilton son. Now its back firing so we at f1 police do­ not want to hear mclaren and mr hamilton son fans­ whinning like girls.
      Mclaren created their situation­ let them lie in it.
      We have now come to the conclusion­ that once found cheating in f1 you will always be­ looked upon as cheats. Mclaren and mr hamilton son just­ cant help themselves and so it continues.
      FIA are now­ considering more action against mclaren ,, a report­ will follow shortly
      0 POINTS O POINTS 0 POINTS Marnio from peru,,Marion,,Potter,,Touronroute,,Bernard and many others must be laughing their socks off Thinking Told you so. More so F1 POLICE believe all Mr hamilton son fans should apologise to all above.
      Mr hamilton son most famous Quotes,, I did not Lie (which was a Lie) I was misled (Yet , another Lie) My Team told me to Lie (Another Lie as whe whole Team were in on it Now using Ryan as the ultimate scapegoat ) Not forgetting all the Lies told to the stewards when Questioned,,HANG YOUR HEADS IN THE SHAME MCLAREN

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      • you do realise that its a sign of serious mental illness to have multiple personalities.

        So, Marion, Potter, Marnio from Peru, F1POLICE, Touronroute - or whichever personalityis currently running the show, I suggest you pop off to see your psychiatrist for another bottle of pills. Clearly, your current batch isn't working and your obsessive nature is taking control.

    • LH should be suspended for the season. I don't even think this is a close call. A small community such as F1, which has to deal with ongoing, subjective race issues, depends on the integrity and honesty of its participants. Beyond suspending him for lying, he should be suspended for being pitifully stupid in that his "lie" was easily uncovered by reference to the radio transmissions. For all of you who think MM gets unfair treatment from FIA, this IS NOT the story that helps your argument. Hey, why not look back to see what the little fink LH said about the infamous chicane cutting controversy last year??? Maybe we'll unearth MORE LIES..... Maybe they can then strip him of his Championship.....

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      • Quoted form F1racing.net:
        "I'd like to say sorry to all of my fans who have believed in me, and have supported me for years; I am not a liar or a dishonest person, I am a team player. Every time I have been informed to do something, I have done it - this time I realise it was a huge mistake. I am learning from it, and it has taken a huge toll on me."

        ;-) no comment...LOL

    • Janice, regarding Inka, She is in a bad way, and if you go to my post 'Inkas Ribs' there is a message from her brother, with a contact e-mail, he has posted.

    • Kimi

    • Mercedes is key to F1 I mean their fliping the bill for F1 so Lewis will get a slap on the hand for what he said to the race stewards!

    • "Sid, you need to relax, not get agitated, read what has been written, think about it... and then reply!"

      OK, I'll do just that.

      "MS gives to charity without all the publicity."

      ........and then you wrote...........

      "I wrote that Schumacher does not publicize his philanthropy and I stand by that."

      ........and then you wrote...........

      "Obviously if there was no publicity at all, no one would ever know."

      Who needed to know that he donated $10 million to the Tsunami fund?
      Who needed to know that he donated $1 million to the Elbe flood disaster?
      Who needed to know that he donated millions to the Clinton foundation?
      Who needed to know that he built schools in Senegal, or helps children in Peru, or builds clinics in Sarajevo?
      Who needed to know that between 2002 and 2006 he donated in excess of $30 million to charity?
      Nobody needed to know, but it was exploited by Schumacher and his management team.

      His work with UNESCO and UNICEF are slightly (in so much) different as he is an Ambassador for those two organisations, and as such, it is part and parcel that they advertise who helps and where, but personal donations, such as those mentioned above?
      Answer this.................does it make the donation any better because it has the name Schumacher behind it?
      Would it make any difference if the donation was anonymous?

      Now, you go and reread what you wrote, and then attempt to wrangle out of your original post where you categorically state that he, Schumacher, does not make his donations public.

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