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  • SM Najam SM Najam Apr 3, 2009 20:45 Flag

    Lewis Only Following Orders

    So THIS is the best that McLaren and Lewis could come up with? Lets suspend a scapegoat and then have Lewis say he was only lying because he was told to?? Sounds remarkably like, "I was only following orders". That didnt work well at Nuremburg. Lets see if Lewis gets away with it..:) My money says he will,

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    • I don't think so FIA and F1 is smart then that way to sell your team out Lewis I look for the team to turn on him! you win as a team and lose as a team!

    • Mc Laren must demand strict control over lewis to obey team orders when he is afraid to think for himself and answer any question accurately when questioned by the stewards after the race.

      And then when the #$%$ hits the fan and he is interviewed by the stewards for the second time he comes clean and becomes an informer on his own team.

      And confesses all to the stewards and said he was ordered by his team manager to tell the stewards what he did and that he was sorry for telling a deliberate lie.

      As lewis has found out to his cost when you are caught telling a barefaced lie and it is proven to the whole world that you did so you very quickly realise that there is no hiding place for you and it is a long road back to regaining the respect that you once had with your fellow competitors and public.

      I am sure lewis wishes he could turn the clock back for his own peace of mind as he is a young man with a lot of talent at the beginning of his F1 carear however I beleive the autocratic style and approach of his present team have a lot to answer for in the position he now finds himself.

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      • I think that, as far as I am concerned, his admission shows a lack of integrity and a lack of maturity.

        Also, pointing the finger at a team member, is unforgivable.

        This shows how different Lewis Hamilton is from Michael Schumacher. Michael will go to his grave knowing he and his teams cheated but never admitting it. I can see it eating him away from the inside.

    • I meant "can't #$%$" the race stewards. My computer lied to me.

    • Aww, bless. You chose a reply I made to humiliate yourself. I should feel honoured. Yet I feel terrible for laughing at you, numpty.
      Bad sid.

      Because knobhead, in a live telephone interview Willi Weber on German radio, he actually mentioned the donation with regard the $10 million to the Tsunami fund, and, as I mentioned in the thread, this was announced before the cheque was signed. January 4th 2005 to be precise, but you haven't got the sence to check anything out before making yourself look an #$%$ have you. Eejit
      As for his donations to other charities, then if you were to use your computer for things other than looking up porn or cheap nappies, you'd be able to find the information out for yourself, and see for yourself that he or his manager has made the anouncements themselves, or that world organisations, such as those named in the thread that upset you, sweetcheeks, have made the information available.
      Now go educate yourself, numpty, and that doesn't mean go to porn for beginners.

    • I don't feel to be humiliated... if he did so, what is your problem? at least he fulfilled his promise to give 10 millions dollars.
      Andre Agassi once gave a lot of money to charity and broadcasted on TV, and people happy about it..
      Look at you, u feel honoured coz u hate MS so much, shame on you
      Maybe u just jealous #$%$ who can not give anything to charity...

    • "MS gives to charity without all the publicity."

      Now, numpty. What do you see wrong with that statement?

      I proved the statement wrong, and you threw your dummy out.
      Hud ov thunk it. Eejit

      Not that I need to defend my post to a neanderthal such as you, but my dislike for Schumacher has absolutely nothing to do with the thread.

      "Firstly, so as not to see dummies spat out, I take my hat off to the Cheatmeister for his donations to all the charities that he gives too. Total respect."

      I guess you were too busy chewing on the underside of the teabags to see that, huh, cory.

    • LH should be suspended for the season. I don't even think this is a close call. A small community such as F1, which has to deal with ongoing, subjective race issues, depends on the integrity and honesty of its participants. Beyond suspending him for lying, he should be suspended for being pitifully stupid in that his "lie" was easily uncovered by reference to the radio transmissions. For all of you who think MM gets unfair treatment from FIA, this IS NOT the story that helps your argument. Hey, why not look back to see what the little fink LH said about the infamous chicane cutting controversy last year??? Maybe we'll unearth MORE LIES..... Maybe they can then strip him of his Championship.....

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      • Quoted form F1racing.net:
        "I'd like to say sorry to all of my fans who have believed in me, and have supported me for years; I am not a liar or a dishonest person, I am a team player. Every time I have been informed to do something, I have done it - this time I realise it was a huge mistake. I am learning from it, and it has taken a huge toll on me."

        ;-) no comment...LOL

    • LH should be banished to ............NASCAR!!!!!!!

    • LOL....You're killing me Sid....

    • To all envious none Britons.

      This is not new. The biggest cheat in the world was Micheal Shoeshiner with Ferrari. Hailed as the best, but in reality, a win at all costs cheat.

      The problem with Hamilton is not that he's black nor a cheat, but that he's British, and you lesser Eropean countries don't like it. Particularly the words biggest cheats, Ferarri.

      On a commercial point, If the driver does not follow orders he gets fired, so he does as he is told.

      For some reason this situation was never picked up by the officials when Shoeshiner and his team were deliberately taking out the opposition, and no questions were ever asked of the bent Ferrari team bosses. Maybe the officials had a self interested agenda.

      Hamilton and his team were out of order, but don't give me this moral #$%$ that this is the first time. The situation has blown up as an anti British thing. OK so #$%$ you all. Level the playing field, and Hamilton will still win. If the officials only penalise Hamilton, then they are either stupid, blind or corrupt. I don't know which.

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