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  • Inka D Inka D Apr 20, 2009 20:22 Flag

    For British fans

    Hi Danimik. :-))))

    I would have loved to watch that one even me not being British. :-(( It seems he was great by what you are saying and what I have read about him. Unfortunately I don’t get BBC3. :-(((

    On another note…. Don’t you think the heading of this tread is a bit discriminating sweetie?? :-((

    Sorry, but for someone like you that is always talking about racism and discrimination, and that I’m always learning from… it isn’t fitting you! :-)))) I think you could have done way better this time.

    Jim Clark is not just appreciated and hade British fans, but all over the world. Please don’t get made at me, but I just couldn’t resist. xxx

    Jim Clark just for “For British Fans”??? wuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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