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  • Carola Grillo Carola Grillo Apr 23, 2009 18:16 Flag

    Honda pulling out of F1

    Hey guys was just wondering what you thought about Honda pulling out of F1 this season. Does it make you think worse of the brand or is your opinion unchanged? A similar question could be asked of RBS as well as they have decided to pull out as well.....

    Was just intrigued as I went to a dinner in October last year and the guy from Honda F1 was the guest speaker. He made a point of saying that they would not pull out due to the economic climate as it would harm consumers!!

    What do you guys think?

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    • I think (hope) that true fans will note how sporting Honda were in finding a way to keep the team afloat after they left and quite how much "Brawn" owe one of our sports long term supportive manufacturers. Fingers crossed they will be back soon; indeed noting just how much cash they left in the Brawn car perhaps they deserve a free sponsors logo spot?

      On the subject of sales; I ordered my new Honda just this afternoon.

      BTW, the showroom still has Jensen's number 7 car (Earth car)as the reps PC screen saver.

    • Its a shame Honda pulled out, but they will be back.

      RBS is a political decision because of the Government bailout.

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      • Karol
        Honda racing did not so much pull out as get pulled out by the money men at honda motor corp.
        I would think Honda must be kicking themselves royaly up the backside now.
        After all they have now ended up paying for a full F1 season that would have been the better then they ever could have dreampt of and yet get no reward for it.

        As for will it harm them...
        Tough one.
        most of their cars they sell are not high performance cars. They are family cars where such things as economy and reliability are worth far more thanever any amount of F1 wins ever will be.
        This market will not care IMHO and never did about their racing performance.
        Their higher prformance cars is far tougher to decide on as in the end they still are not in the same market as the ferraris and maclaren road cars. they are still at the cheaper end of the market.
        In the end it makes me wonder why they realy got involved in F1 in the first place. was it more for the corporate freebies it could give to its valued corporate customers and suppliers when the years prices came round?
        Or was it a board of directors who were intrested in just going F1 racing?
        certainly touring cars fits in with their market demographic far better than F1 ever did or would.