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    Time to give Button a bit more recognition?

    Time to give Button a bit more recognition? I would say yes...

    Too much of this message board has been taken up by FA, LH, MS, KR etc. etc.

    Button is pretty dominant this season. Seems like he could win 4 out of the first 5 races, quite an achievement!


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    • As a Lewis hamilton fan i would like to congratulate Button on his success in China, though im still not convinced that he is anywhere near as good as Lewis Hamilton just yet.

      The reason for me saying so is this.If you take a critical and serious look at each of BUTTON's victories you will see they had LESS to do with his actual driving and more to do with his good judgement and a bit of luck in choosing the right tyre at the right time.
      Each of his victories so far this year is because of his excellent judgement in coming in at the right time to change his type, and thus emerge ahead of everyone else.
      If you study the videos of him again on the BBC website you will find he has done very little real hard overtaking at all to get to the lead in each of his victories,He has really only passed people who were on the wrong tyres or had engine failure like VETTAL and ROSBERG

      Its is HAMILTON who always seems to passed loads of cars.Whether he starts 11th or 20th on the grid

      So far this season one can DEFINITELY say that BUTTON is the smoother driver and his judgement is much better at this stage than HAMILTON'S, but he has yet to prove he can really BATTLE a few cars to earn a hard fought victory.
      He has beaten Lewis only on tactically and strategic reason in choosing the right tyres, that put him out ahead after the pitstop.

      The only thing i can compre this to is a GOLFER.if you try and imagine TIGER WOODS using the wrong golfing clubs at the wrong holes on a gulf course.Its certain that he would not win a single victory, despite being the most talented golfer around.
      Likewise ,because HAMILTION has had a a combination of bad team management in calling him early in one grand prix, and putting out too late in other, coupled with the fact of his own poor tyre choice, you have a totally misleading situation in which BUTTON is ahead in the drivers championship.
      BUTTON has not really earned or fought hard for any of his victories, he has just emerged ahead of everyone because of his good type choice which enable him to go to the front while everyone else was on the wrong tyres. Thats not BUTTONS fault i know, but dont get carried away about his victories just yet.Wait till he tackles everyone when the going is 100% dry, and, APART from engine failure, there can be no excuses for anyone.
      Its only on a dry run will you find out how good BUTTON is. Its only when he is challanged in a real battle that you can best access BUTTON

      What will happen when his is under real pressure from other cars.HAMILTON reduced a 9 second lead to 1.5 seconds in the China Grand Prix, WHICH KIND OF MAKES ME THINK that if hamilton was only, say, 0.25 seconds beind BUTTON do you really think BUTTON would have stayed in front with 16-20 LAPS to go.

      For my money HAMILTON is still the better driver.He just needs to get his qualifying and him and his team just needs to get the judgement right with regard to the right tyre choice, and the right race plan stratergy for the race.


    • As I was saying a while back...

      Time to give him a bit more recognition!

      Good win by Button in China.

      Hamilton can likely drive the car faster.

      But Button in my opinion is a more complete driver. To win it requires more than just an ability to drive fast, it also requires brains and strategy.


    • I didn't actually read your post, our moik, but I agree with all of it :-)

      To be honest the last time I can remember an F1 driver winning and most especially getting poles with a #$%$ car it has to have been Senna with the Lotus.

      I think we all agree that no driver out there could win races with a Force India, so the only thing we can do is compare drivers who are totally putting their team mates to shame. Button is doing that. If it was all just down to the car we would expect Rubens to be winning or coming second in every race and he isn't.

      Does it make Button the best driver in F1? I doubt it. I think Vettel is the best driver out there at the moment. Does it mean Button is #$%$? No. Button was (as was Rubens) a driver who arrived in F1 and definitely showed promise. Button seemed to have a talent for making bad decisions in his career and even paying to stay in (or moving to) the wrong team. So has he become another of those drivers that is brilliant as long as the car is right for him? We'll have wait and to see how long he can keep it up.

      Two drivers in recent years have managed to get the team to work for them and build a car that was perfect for them - Schumacher and Alonso. The only question is why Button has spent years not being able to do just that. The reason is probably Ross Brawn. In that respect you have to say that Button doesn't appear to be able to develop a car.

      For Mick I have to say that the days of a driver driving a dog of a car and winning are gone. I would love to see a return to the days when F1 drivers also drove F2, Le Mans, Indy etc. so that we could really see what they were worth. Names like Graham Hill (the only driver to win the F1 championship, Le Mans, and Indy), RIndt, Stewart, and later Peterson still send a shiver down my spine. If I was just one year older I would have put Jim Clark in the list but the poor sod copped it a few months before I saw my first GP.

    • Its is clearly obvious to even the most moronic person in the world that the only reason BUTTON is wining nearly every race is because he has by far the fastest car.
      If Hamilton, Massa, Vettal or Alonso were in the same BRAWN car they would have won just as many races as he has.I dont care what anyone says its a 100% FACT that BUTTON is in the fastest car by far, every sensible and reasoning person can see that.So lets have more realism and less hype about Button.He is a good but not amazing driver.

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      • remind me - how many wins does Rubens have in the same car???

        If it is only the car, why hasn't Rubens won as many races as Button?

        And can you define #$%$' The definition of a #$%$ is someone who's mental age is between eight and twelve all their lives. Now, people of that age tend to use the same basic set of insults - #$%$ is a favourite insult for that age group. They tend to apply it to anyone and everyone who disagrees with them.

    • It has been time for that for a while now pet.

    • Great job once more by Button... another consistently high performance, getting the best out of his equipment and winning in Turkey... something his colleague Rubens failed to do.


    • So what. It is just the beginning of the season. Recently there were comments that compare him with Schummi, does anyone knows the history of F1 nowadays, if they do not know let me remind them that Schummi is 7 times world champion, I wonder or I do not know, how many times had Button won. Let me remind...... none, that means not even once. What an insult to someone who had achieved so much, to someone who had not won any world championship yet.

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      • Button's driving style is much more like Prost than Schumacher - Mr Smooth rather than Mr Aggression.

        And comparing driving styles is easy, no matter what the car. You just watch how the driver manages the piloting, taking into account things like tyre wear, cornering, the way the guy goes about changing direction.

        Has nothing to do with the number of Champiobships someone has pinned on his shirt.

      • who`s got a strop on then.
        may i point out , that i have never any where on this board seen anyone compare jenson buttons achievements to shumi`s achievements.
        may i also point out that due the ferrari advantages over veto , extra cash for wins and various other little incentives like team orders, that some people on these boards now question the validity of 5 of those titles.
        had you bothered to read many of the diverse threads and subsequent posts you would realise that many of the posters hold the shusta in total awe for his achievements, but time moves on new hero`s arrive and comparisons will be made, what you may have read here are comparisons of style, smoothness behind the wheel ,development ability and yes these comparisons will always be made, but do us a favour dont start chucking dollies because you have things out of context.
        thats my little rant over, thank you.
        miki may have been god but kimi is god and jenson may or may not be a godlet in waiting.

    • It's Button's year, and we should all respect him for the fine work and effort he has made. He deserves it.

    • He's a nice bloke who had been denied a competitive car until now so even other drivers are more aggressive, their lack of competent cars helps him to prevail.

    • It may be time to appreciate his smooth driving skills.

      That is what made the difference between him and Rubens at Monaco, so the experts say.


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