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  • probablygraham probablygraham Jun 10, 2009 05:26 Flag

    Time to give Button a bit more recognition?

    I didn't actually read your post, our moik, but I agree with all of it :-)

    To be honest the last time I can remember an F1 driver winning and most especially getting poles with a #$%$ car it has to have been Senna with the Lotus.

    I think we all agree that no driver out there could win races with a Force India, so the only thing we can do is compare drivers who are totally putting their team mates to shame. Button is doing that. If it was all just down to the car we would expect Rubens to be winning or coming second in every race and he isn't.

    Does it make Button the best driver in F1? I doubt it. I think Vettel is the best driver out there at the moment. Does it mean Button is #$%$? No. Button was (as was Rubens) a driver who arrived in F1 and definitely showed promise. Button seemed to have a talent for making bad decisions in his career and even paying to stay in (or moving to) the wrong team. So has he become another of those drivers that is brilliant as long as the car is right for him? We'll have wait and to see how long he can keep it up.

    Two drivers in recent years have managed to get the team to work for them and build a car that was perfect for them - Schumacher and Alonso. The only question is why Button has spent years not being able to do just that. The reason is probably Ross Brawn. In that respect you have to say that Button doesn't appear to be able to develop a car.

    For Mick I have to say that the days of a driver driving a dog of a car and winning are gone. I would love to see a return to the days when F1 drivers also drove F2, Le Mans, Indy etc. so that we could really see what they were worth. Names like Graham Hill (the only driver to win the F1 championship, Le Mans, and Indy), RIndt, Stewart, and later Peterson still send a shiver down my spine. If I was just one year older I would have put Jim Clark in the list but the poor sod copped it a few months before I saw my first GP.