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  • Robert Robert Jun 8, 2009 07:54 Flag

    Time to give Button a bit more recognition?

    Jenson was very smooth again today. His style reminded me of Damon Hill at his best.

    BTW isn't it funny that when some drivers win they are the greatest thing since sliced bread, and when other drivers win it is the car?

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    • reminds me of Prost more than Hill.

      If its all down to the car, where is Rubens?

    • Yeah... presumably, to these people, Kimi and Lewis's dreadful performance yesterday was totally down to the car, no fault of their own, whereas Jenson's similarly bad performances in bad cars has just been bad driving.

      I reckon it's all down to driving style - people without good F1 knowledge reckon that exciting-looking driving is good driving and smooth driving is bad driving, irrespective of how many wins it achieves. Lewis wrecks his tyres, makes mistakes and crumbles under pressure, yet is somehow a better driver the smooth, calm, reliable and very fast Jenson.