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  • JOHN JOHN May 20, 2009 20:29 Flag

    Decision made...

    OK Ferrari; time to leave the Sado-masochist's Formula Cheap and take all those flag waving supporters that populated the grandstands with you to another place.

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    • Bazza They WERE a racing team first....
      they are owned by Fiat who are owned by their shareholders.
      Do you think the shareholders are intrested in anything other than returns on shares?
      Dont forget that to Fiat from a shareholders perspective the car sector is only a very very small sector of their business.
      Ferrari are only a small part of a small part of the overall picture for Fiat and their shareholders.
      They make more profit from agriculture than from all their cars let alone Ferrari.

    • There are lots of haters because the FIA have told everyone that Ferrari have had this veto installed, there is bad feeling in the paddock this weekend at monaco. Its not the fans this time, its the team owners.

    • OK. point well made. lots of haters out there. Personally, I am sick of max, bernie, and the FIA and hope several teams leave.

    • Just hate harleyboy and opinions......

      This time it's Ferrari's turn to feel the wrath of the "fans" here... previously it was McLaren... who's going to be next, Brawn because they are winning? It could even be Red Bull for having blue cars.

      I'm not defending Ferrari but I am saying that at some time or another every team has been up to some subtifuge, maybe even Brawn this season with their innovative diffuser design... oh, sorry, that's been done already.

      Who's going to get the venom poured on them next, Williams maybe? Not picked on them for a few years.......

    • WOW, opinions. not much substance, judt hate.

    • Mick because they sold out the other teams back stabbing so and so's that they are.
      No they wont they will be too busy celibrating the biggest cheaters in F1 going going ... who were Ferrari?
      who cares what the tune it is, it's far better to have a level playing field than the biased one that ferrari needed to win on.
      Ferrari the biggest cheaters in F1 ever.

    • You are wrong Ferrari are NOT just a sport car manufacturer. They are a racing team first, as Enzo started producing road cars purely to fund the racing team. I know they are owned by FIAT,but the soul and spirit is first and foremost a racing team, and F1 will be the loser if they go

    • ...."Its rather arrogant of Ferrari fans to think Ferrari are so special"......
      If Ferrari are n't that special why did the FIA grant them special status and offer them extra funds???
      It suited the FIA in 2005, or whenever, but when the stupidity of the S-M MM was shown up for what it is, and seriously questioned, the FIA jumped on to the other foot. Now Whitewash and Mclaren are the S-M MM's favourits to do the FIA's bidding. Just watch the stance taken by McLaren in the next two or three days.
      When Ferrari leave F1, Ferrari fans will follow their exploits elswhere and the Ferrari haters won't have anything to moan about here - I hope they enjoy the S-M MM's new Formula.
      It'll be introduced on TV by 'The birdie song' - cheap cheap ;-)

    • Thats only your opinion.
      Unfortunatly history shows otherwise.
      many teams have left F1 before and F1 continued many were just as great in their day as ferrari but without the cheating we see in ferrari.
      Its rather arrogant of Ferrari fans to think Ferrari are so special.
      In the end they are a manufacturer of sports cars.
      Nothing more nothing less.
      Just the same as Aston Martin, Alfa-Romeo, Bugatti, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche and many many more.
      All like ferrari make luxury cars some far more exclusive and better than any ferrari ever, some not. but all came and went and F1 carried on.

    • No mate. if ferrari goes the whole F1 loses.

      Ferrari are like the iPod in the mp3 players business. you can buy a 5 times cheaper mp3 player that does the job as well as an iPod and maybe even better than an iPod. but deep down you know is not an iPod and everyone whom you show it will think straight away that it's not an iPod.

      Same thing with F1, it will survive and all but is lacking that something that gives it its style, Ferrari.

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