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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 4, 2009 03:04 Flag

    who has the bigger plums?

    very close. But I will go with bikers, especially those free style guys doing back flips 50 ft off the ground. How about the sport trix bikers. Me and my Harley will stay flat on 2 tires, thank you.

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    • Bike riders for sure. I recall racing at a track in France in 1969, when, in their infinite wisdom they decided to have open practice for everyone, cars and bikes. I came up behind a bike in my NSU TTS as he leaned over into the corner, I did not know at the time that bike race tire would allow the bike to be either straight up or very quickly leaned over into the corner. Needless to say that when the rider leaned into the corner, as I was setting myself up for a power slide (that's the way I drove rear engined cars) I just about filled my pants as I thought the SOB was going down. I went into the pits the next lap, expressed my opinion to the organisers and waited for the next car only qualification (and looking for a clean pair of shorts) :-)