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    how good was stirling moss

    Hi everyone, my dad is always stating how good Stirling Moss was and how he didn't only race F1 but other formula and won as well.

    As i wasn't around then, was wondering what the opinion of others of a more mature age and any memories you would like to share.



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    • I may be as old as your dad; I watched Stirling when he had hair and drove F3 Coopers and Kiefts. He was the greatest all-round competitive driver ever; no-one has ever matched hi record in so many different kinds of competition - F1, F2, F3, Sports Car Championship, Rallies (won a Coupe des Alpes first time in the Alpine Rally). Because of his accident, we never got to see him in world-class competition again and that was a huge loss. Believe your dad, Stirling was the best. He would have won the World Championship if he'd been as selfish as today's drivers. but he told the officials they were wrong to disqualify Hawthorn in a GP, and then lost the Championship to Hawthorn by one point. A true gentleman.

    • Moss was very good but not, for me, one of the greats.
      Here's a couple of videos.
      1 ) Monaco 1956 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBmdzpAYGaE
      & 2) Fiorano 2009. (from 3 minutes in)
      ....... Dad may have to explain the bleeps ;-)

    • Probably the 2nd best driver of his time after Fangio. Actually, in sports cars he was probably better than Fangio.
      In the 50s & 60s the drivers used to compete in many different classes at the same meeting. Saloons, Sportscars then go out & do the GP race as well. Along with meeting & signing autographs with the fans.
      Happy days!

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      • Stirling Moss: very good in a Formula One car, didn't he hold off the Ferraris in a very underpowered Lotus at Monaco one year, to win the race against all odds? 1960 I think it was. And he won the same race in a Maserati in 1957. Certainly one of the great drivers, who never really achieved the success he deserved.

      • Stirling Moss, was the best driver never to be crowned F1 World Champ.
        He had the uncanny talent to make a vastly inferior car competitive.
        Sadly his career came to an end on Easter (I think it was) Week-end at Goodwood in 1962 in a terrific crash.
        I saw Sir Stirling race in a historic race at Mosport in the late eighties, the only time I ever saw him.

    • Your dad is right. Moss was good, and like all the old timers raced in a variety of classes.

      But - at least in my opinion - he wasn't in the same class as Jim Clark, John Surtees (who won championships on bikes as wellas in cars,) Graham Hill or Jackie Stewart. Mind you, Moss was often the second driver for a team, so maybe I'm being a tad unfair.

      And the only driver's aids they had available seemed to be that big round thing called a steering wheel, a foot pedal called a break and another called an accelarator.

      To see Jim Clark drifting a ford cortina around a corner with one wheel cocked and the other three squealing, now that was inspirational. And he started off racing in hil climbs and local rally events as well as on the track.

      And let's not forget people like Mike Hailwood...

    • Bruv - I think there are only 1 or 2 in here (if any) who actually saw Stirling drive during his active career.

      I saw him race back in the 70s against Fangio in what was supposed to be a parade lap or two and they were wheel to wheel opposite locking it all the way around the track despite the fact that the cars were priceless old Ferraris.

      He won the Mille Miglia which was a long distance race on open roads which I think many see as his greatest achievement.

      All the F1 drivers used to race in various cars right into the 70s. Graham Hill won the F1 championship, Indianapolis, and Le Mans (the only driver ever to do so), but you would see them at F2 events, sportscar events and whatever else was going on. It's such a shame that modern F1 has become such a full time job that the drivers hardly ever do anything else.

      I would love to have watched him too, but even more I am sad that I never got to see Jim Clark, because as a kid he died the year before I saw my first F1 race.

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      • Isaw Moss and Fangio and remember Jackie Stewart when he started racing at the old Charterhall aerodrome cicuit in Bewickshire. He entered under the name of "a.n.other" so his family would not know also Jim Clark with the Lotus Cortina saloon car.
        Mike Hawthorn was killed on the Brighton bypass and used to always wear a bow tie when racing
        o the memories and how time flys

      • They don't get much better than Moss.
        I would agreee with the MM race being his highlight, PG, but his consecutive wins he had in the 1000milers in Nurburgring would have to run it close.
        I would place a hefty wager, that even now, if two straight 4's were on a circuit, and Moss was in one, and Schumacher, Hamilton, Button, A.N.Other were in the other one, they would be a distant second.
        The old sod still has lead in his pencil..........or is that stainless steel? ;-))))