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  • mouse mouse Aug 14, 2010 06:16 Flag

    sooooooooo quiet here.

    i am guessing that it is so quiet on these boards because we are all out scouring our individual countries in search of the elusive paddock bend.

    keep looking lads they may be a very rare breed, but it is certainly one worth having. 8-)

    p.s if you happen to find a kimi on your travels please return to,

    m n j mouse,


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    • 4 more sleep til Spa, can't come soon enough
      If I find a Kimi, I'll keep him, vodka, ice cream and goofy pantsl, but I'll return the prancing donkey, if he has one. :-)

    • Kimi says Hi Mike, but another year in wrc should kill or cure that itch....taking that a bit further, which team could he slot into in '012? my money would be on Red Bull, as wibber will have one more year, win or lose the c'ship, baby Seb might have run to someone who will change his nappy, so a newey design, in a team that already sponsors his car/wreckage, would fit the bill nicely....
      ...on the silence on the boards, get creative guys, nobody is interested in my post on flex wings, there is plenty of activity out there....Kimi is trying out a new in-car -freezer...Button is promoting hair-loss caps in triathlons...'lonso is doing his best to look credible taking part in the spanish equivalent of 'ready steady cook'...Hammy is doing his 'speed aware' course in Sweden...that's a fail then.....Massa is in hiding from the media in Brazil...with Rubens....Frank Williams is watching re-runs of 'secrets of F1'....lots out there....as for pads, maybe she got fed up of repeating herself, and arthritis of the typing finger set in, got to say, 'can't blame her for taking time out...

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      • morning peolpe and achilles. lol

        i think that we have seen the last of the kimsta ach, sniff sniff, sob sob.
        trying to imagine that senario, the hardest driver in f1 in the most fragile car in f1. i dont know about seb nicking webbers wing, i reckon after a couple of races the bull would be showing up with hand sprayed (from a can) wings that the rb tyre fitters had nicked from the next garage, ferrari and the macs could have blue flahing lights on as they chase down seb and the kimsta in an attempt to retrieve the spares that they have nicked.

        now there is an idea forget kers, boost buttons and the like. just fit blue lights and when 1 is activated behind you you have to pull over and fill out a report card before rejoining the action. the safety car could carry warning triangles which have to be deployed by any driver pulling over due to blue lights.

        well thats just some stupidity to expand on if your bored.

        as for pb i was simply hoping to create a gnome type holiday (the brits among us will maybe understand that better than some of the other chaps on here, but you will catch on). still it never took off,

        right ho only a week to spa, 1 of the best races in f1, hopefully the bulls will have been caught a little.

        hasta banana

    • I didn't even realize that pb was gone...

      Hey, I said my peace about Ferrari and that was it. I didn't think I would be back. For me it was more about the unfair tactices and the cheating if that's what you wanted to call it. Yeah, I was hard on the team and drivers that I back but there is more to play here than who wins the championship and who doesn't. For me, the day sucked. That's it, I said what I needed, now I'm over it. Not what happened but the event and when it happened. It's over and it's done with.

      Some people just don't know when enough is enough. They go on and on and on and on.....

      I guess since it's Ferrari it's open season. Lord knows if it were your beloved team or driver and people kept going on and on and on and on....I guess you get my point. At some point, you can only flog the dead horse so much. It's everyone's loss...pb not being here. I'll find out in time but what is discussed will be between me and pb.

      I try to be open and objective but you know, there are people that can be plain A $ $ H O L E S and have no right being here.

      I could be completely filled with hot air in regards to this post; most times I am. I don't necessarily care what most people think of me, call me a schmuck, an A $ $ or more, it doesn't bother me. I try and come here to make friends; some I consider good friends and would love to sit down with and have a beer with at some point. Look me up on FB under Hans Wurzler. For some of you I've known for a while add a note to let me know who you are if you're coming in under a different name. For those of you with no class, don't bother...

      ...as is with your posts that are pretty much tasteless if you send me a note in FB you aren't worth my time or energy.

      Enough said!

      Take care all,