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  • probablygraham probablygraham Mar 4, 2011 14:52 Flag

    Bernie's artificial rain showers

    Bernie's seed in the clouds?
    Not a nice thought :-)

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    • gooooooooooood morning pg, incontinence problems my friend, ??????????????.

      the solution is very simple to all of the possible problems here,

      charge an extra 1 euro per day entrance. give to charities,

      for the extra 1 euro the payee has the right to pi55 on bernie who will be made to do 2 laps, one sighter (for the crowd) and one behind the rubber band powered pace car. this will provide a wet track at no expense to the local water table, and will keep the greenies happy.

      with luck this solution will also persaude the dwarf to keep his stupid ideas to himself.