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  • lee lee Mar 18, 2012 23:32 Flag

    just who was trying to commentate with DC ?

    Dont know who the hell was trying to commentate with David Coultard today, sounded like the #$%$ from daytime chav TV mathew wright or whoever his name is, but just couldnt listen to him.

    What a stuff up by sky tv and I bet bbc are kicking themselves.

    Only managed to watch the highlights show on bbc but just wanted to turn it off everytime this effort of a reporter spoke.

    Another nail in the coffin fot F1. Well done lads.

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    • i wonder about my fellow fans sometimes. in my opinion, yesterday provided one of the best races that F1 has produced in years. we had a race, from start to finish. from the moment the lights went out, to the time the flag dropped there was something going on. so much so that the camera's almost missed the finish of the winner. so what did this fantastic event raise as its main talking point ? what part of this race that we have all spent an age demanding, did we the fans choose to discuss ? yes thats right you have it, the bloody commentary teams of the picture providers, bloody hell, i give up.

      K I G

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      • I'm with, Mike. I thought it was an excellent race with great battles from the front to the back, although I still hate the fact that a safety car phase tends to lead to place changes. I don't want to see people overtaking in the pits.
        The last lap probably had more incidents than some races have in 90 odd minutes.

        It must have been a good race because at my age I have to have a pee at least once an hour and I ended up peeing myself - albeit I only peed myself because MS ran out of gears :-)

    • It was former racing driver Ben Edwards. Ben is a very experienced commentator who has F1, CART, NASCAR, A1GP and many other classes under is commentating belt. For the past few years he has been the lead commentator for the BTCC. I like Ben as a commentator as he is enthusiastic for motor sport