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  • A Yahoo! User May 5, 2005 16:39 Flag

    cash cow feels taken for granted

    Am I alone in feeling like a cash cow for my club to plunder for what ever scheme someone dreamed up for making money? You pay through the nose every week, season tickets go up with flimsy excuses, and you're told its to pay for the best players. Yet those same players then dither and mess the club about for massive wage rises, and show no loyalty to the club or the fans. I am an Arsenal SUPPORTER, not a customer. I don't need a loyalty card, junk emails, or a fifty quid shirt, I've just been going to games and supporting the team since 1977 that's all. And my money goes to pay Veira a massive inducement to stay instead of telling him to ram it. Look at Rio Ferdinand, sits on his #$%$ for six months taking wages, when the club could have sacked him and the first chance he gets he tries to coerce them into a big pay rise. But its the fans who pay for that.

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    • Well said mate, whats the chances of an Arsenal fan ( since 1972 ) from Yorkshire getting a pair of tickets to an home game, while Highbury still stands and my fave player Bergkamps still playing. email ukknight4u@yahoo.co.uk don't care who we play mate