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  • Man UTD's days of major trophies are over, for sure.

    It's only a matter of time before talent such as Ronaldo and Richardson is sold off to pay Glazers debts. V.Nistelrooy is going to be this summer's casulty of this.

    Chelsea will be winning the title for years.

    Arsenal will be finishing second for years.

    I think Liverpool will finish third next year.

    and hopefully, my team, Portsmouth, will finish 10th or better :)

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    • Gooners will be back where they belong at the top, Chelsea did well but if Arsenal had all that Dough Chelsea had then they would have done better,
      Arsenal seem to be the only top flight team that dont spend Money by the bucket load to get decent players, they do it the proper old fashioned way. By a decent training programme and getting players to develop, not household names to parade around.