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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 6, 2005 01:27 Flag

    Most Overrated Player In The World



    G Neville
    Rio Ferdinand
    Danny Mills

    Gilberto Silva
    Darren Fletcher
    Harry Kewell

    Van Nistelrooy (Cheating goalhanger)

    Manager - Souness

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    • G Neville and Shearer? Are you mental? Shearer is the highest-scoring player ever in the Prem and an absolute legend and Neville is a quality defensive right-back (perhaps not great going forward).

      Van Nistlerooy - He scored 150 in 200 for United or something anyway. What more do you want from a striker?

      Ronaldo - and I dislike him intensely - has so much ability and skill it hurts. He is annihilating defenses and scoring goals.

      James - a great keeper, but prone to clangers as we all know. Is also having a great season at 36.

      Some very odd choices there mate, I'd have a re-think and perhaps find out more about players before you slag them.

    • England are the most Overated team in the world.
      What a friggin bunch of jokers.

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      • England are overated and of all the so called superstars we have Lampard is the worst. Great club player but can he play for his country? We all saw how bad he was in the world cup and he gets to carry on playing whilst Beckham, one of the few England players to have a moderately good world cup gets dropped because McClaren wants to do something different from Sven. When I say moderatley good world cup, I mean he actually scored a goal and set up a few compared to Lampard who spent most of his time kicking the ball into the top layer of the stands. The only thing Lampard achieved at the world cup was to injure a few spectators who were so bored that getting smaked in the face with a ball as they tried to leave the ground was the most exciting thing that happened to them when watching England during the world cup.
        England quit now while you are well and truly behind and we can all carry on talking about how good the 1966 was until the day we die....
        By the way the 1966 team would probably even be beaten by Leeds in this day and age...