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  • loveunitedalways loveunitedalways Apr 5, 2007 18:29 Flag

    Most Overrated Player In The World

    1) Beckham and Lampturd(it's a tie)

    2) Ronaldo(the Brazillian one)\

    3) Raul

    4) Michael #$%$

    5) Andriy Shevchenko

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    • Ballack yes, Lampard yes, Raul maybe.....but Beckham ? Ronaldo ?? and Shevshenko ??? ....Ronaldo has a goal scoring ratio of 0.85 goals per game over the last 9 years in europe, no one even comes close (just because he has had personal problems the last year doesn't mean he's overated) Shevshenko scored 186 goals in 214 appearances for Ac Milan at all levels of competition over 7 years. Do you actually watch football ?? Beckham has proved himself everywhere he has played....best dead ball hitter in the world, best long range passer in the world....don't know how you can say these players are overated.

    • Beckham was one of the main players in a team that won the treble.
      Ronaldo has won the world cup, the spanish league, the italian league, the dutch league, been voted world player of the year.
      Raul has won the european cup three times, the spanish league quite a few times, never won the copa del rey though.
      Michael ballack nearly took a team that has never won the bundesliga to victory in the european cup and german cup and got to the world cup final in the same season, kept felix magath in his job a bayern.
      Andriy Shevchenko has won the european cup amoung other things and the way that milan are not doing as well as they have done previously shows that he was an important part.

      Lampard really hasn´t got that much though, but he is in one of the best teams in the world.

      What it all shows is, is that many players play well in a certain system, for a certain manager and are on top, but then things change and all great players would struggle in one style or another. Ronaldinho stays at barca because he knows it is his style, the same with henry, without arsenal he´s just be some good striker who never really did anything.

    • And not forgetting, Ca$hley Cole