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  • Erik Erik Sep 25, 2006 17:52 Flag

    Time for video replays?

    Those of you fortunate enough to catch the Newcastle Everton game on Sunday afternoon will no doubt have seen one of the most shocking referee decisions this season - Newcastle's tremendous offside ruling. Or lack of in this case. Newcastle had no less than THREE players offside. All three of them looked over to the linesman and all three looked genuinely shocked to have been ruled onside.

    Now, is this a perfect example of how a quick 20 second video replay could have improved the game or should we just grin and bear it as part of football, swings and roundabouts, some-you-win-some-you-lose?

    Share your thoughts...

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    • If not time for video replays its time for refs to be able to run the full legth of the line on both sides the same as rugby

    • I think that the sport could really benefit from replays! It would really help with decision making! Thanks! ~Kristen

    • video replays are now the only way forward now we have overpaid whinging managers, diving/cheating players and inconsistent referees.

    • Any body watch or listen to the rugby on saturday. Do you still want Video replays ? It took 3 minutes to make the wrong decision, which proved to be the turning point in the game.

    • Correct me if I am wrong but is'int (sic) video technology already in use by F.A. Officials when assessing diciplinary hearings. Personllly I would have no problems with video replaysbut how it would be used would have to be very carefully analyised, however here's a thought. In G.A.A. FOOTBALL & HURLING there are 4 linesmen 2 for each goal & each on either side of and slightly behind each goal post. This time honoured tradition has served very well the test of time, (100)years with little controversy.
      Either way something has to be done & medical science has
      not developed the ability to give refs eyes in the back of their heads. Yours Brian Mc Closkey

    • aaahhhh quit yer #$%$

    • how would a chalange be set up just have it so all offsides goals couners and fouls would be replayed or go to the system like American football where the team manager has a flag and can have 3 chalanges in a half

    • I agree that video replays would certainly be a help, but it's implementation needs to be carefully considered.

      Personally I think 'borrowing' the system from American Football could be used without too much disruption in which each manager gets two opportunities to question decisions (a video monitor is used to review) and if they are right the ruling is overturned.

      This way the game won't be too disrupted as they would be unwilling to give up a chance of overturning a meaningless decision, instead saving thier questioning for a match-changing moment such as a wrongly given goal. It would stop them moaning about the ref in post-match interviews, too....actually....

    • As a Newcastle fan, I have to state my bias. However, I do agree that video replays may have a role to play and as well as finding Ameobi offside might also have seen Jamie Carragher's blatant handball in the Newcastle v Liverpool game.

    • Well the TV pundits use the replays to overkill, so why not allow the Ref and his assistants use of an on pitch video. It works fine in Rugby League

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