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  • Erik Hartberg Erik Hartberg Oct 2, 2006 18:29 Flag

    Another Video Replays Shout

    Right then. Last week, Newcastle got away with a goal against Everton even though they had three players in an offside position.

    This week we see Didier Zakora awarded a penalty for throwing himself to the ground with no contact made by a defending Pedro Mendes.

    In both instances there was a replay on our screens within 30 seconds that confirmed exactly what happened. Both instances indicated that the referee was wrong.

    Surely we've reached a point now where we can accept the fact that a referee's job is a very difficult one. Surely there's so much money in football these days that mistaken decisions by referees are costing clubs loads of money. Surely we have the technology that can help referees make the right decisions without delaying the game unnecessarily.


    What do you think? Should a fourth official be employed to watch a video replay or are there still people out there that believe that this is just a part of the game? Let us know...

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    • I believe that goal line cameras would be good , But as for anything else you would end up like american football when the game is so boring it is like watching bolton versus west ham every week

    • Yes , Referee`s should get 2 or 3 replays to just check if they have made the right decision. Some of these referee`s just have poor decisions. There Should be more ref`s. Then hopefully they can make the right decision without causing a riot. Lots of goals that were aloud were really off-side. Referee`s should think again before they make there decisions.

    • I'm not sure and want to give it more thought before I decide

    • Yeah The referee`s this season are getting worse!

      Some referee`s said that they will get better :WRONG
      Referee`s doing a good job?:NO
      Are they getting better?:NO Defeantly NOT
      They picking the right decisions?:NO

      More bad tackles being made?:YES
      Worse tackles than last season?:YES

      Oh dear the referee`s should take that ADVISE.

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      • Yes, absolutely, video replays, and it won't necessarily slow the game down. For example - No offside calls unless the play is affected. If the game stops for a goal, a corner or a throw-in, the referee can call a belated offside if it has given an unfair advantage. However, if the game continues and the offside is immaterial, don't call it. That will avoid unnecessary stopages and actually speed the game up.

        If the ref doesn't call it, or a manager disagrees with the call, allow the manager to challenge and ask for a video replay. Give each team two challenges per half - for offsides, a foul, handball, diving, whatever, the challenge to be made at the first stoppage in play after the incident. If the ref decides the challenge is valid the team still has two challenges left, if not then they lose one of their challenges.

        OK, so the offending team may score a goal after the incident but before the ball goes out of play. Then the referee has to decide whether the incident materially affected the scoring of the goal and, if it did, the goal is disallowed. If it didn't, the goal stands (even if the incident is a disallowed goal that was found, upon challenge, to have actually crossed the line and was subsequently given). Don't worry - there will be far less controversial calls than there are right now.

        And, finally, if a team is not happy with the ref's decision after a challenge, an appeal can be made to the FA after the game and, if necessary, the score (and result) can be adjusted. If the appeal is determined to be frivolous, the team could be fined or docked one or more points. If the appeal is upheld, an adjustment is made and the ref might want to think about a new career.

    • Stopping the game every few seconds to check if the ref made a mistake, will extend the game from 90 minutes to 24 hours.
      Cheating has gone on for a very long, long, long, long, long, long, long, long time even before half the players of today were born.
      And it will continue to happen. To do what you say, means putting cameras at "every" Football Ground in the country and have them monitored by an FA official with the power to stop the game of play if he/she feels that the ref missed a player cheating to gain his team an advantage over the opposing team. Then the ref has to leave the field of play to review the video more than once and he alone has to decide what action to take if any.
      And then, if he decides that there is action to be taken, he has to explain this to the team captains and possibly managers.
      In the meantime, supporters have probably left by their droves out of sheer boredom.
      I can just imagine what the supporters would say then if the ruling went against them - and possibly resulted in a player being booked or worse.
      Football is in a big enough mess at the moment without the introduction of this time wasting mumbo-jumbo electronic #$%$ which would probably fail to work anyway.

    • I have to agree with this need for video replays, its costing some teams millions of pounds for something that has worked in Cricket and Rugby and only takes a matter of seconds. As a Newcastle fan, i was actually suprised when the goal was given, 3 players looking over at the linesman is usually a sure give away of a blatent offside but at the present time we had to take everything given to us and a little luck was overdue.

    • I certainly believe that video replays are absolutely necessary. Even without the fourth official at the game, I think that if players knew that their cheating could be discovered after the matches and this could lead to punishment, they may have second thoughts. I may just add that any disciplinary action taken against a player who protests a referee's decision which turns out to be incorrect should be rescinded.

    • next thing we,ll be doin is stopping the clock for time outs,for god sake lets keep the game flowing,go with the decision made at the time,scutinize these afterwards then if the player is caught to be cheating,then deduct the goal and any points gained from it,then fine the player and the club,and use suspensions and loss of earnings as punishments.

    • footbal wouldnt be exciting if every decision had to be made thru tv replays!

    • Yes,I think referees should ask a fourth official whether its a dive or a penalty,but,referees shouldnt ask fourth referees all the time as this would waste time and there would be more stoppage time at the end of a game.referees must deal with the decisions they make in a game,but they must make correct decisions.otherwise,referees are doing a pretty good job.

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